Saturday, February 5, 2011

McGuinty's new Liberal Poor School

Further to an earlier post, When Jim Bradley met Jim Crow:

How is it that Kalvin Reid's St.Catharines Standard Feb.5, 2011 Editor's Notebook column, "It's time for a popular uprising", doesn't have any response from local Liberal Jim Bradley? Isn't education near and dear to Jimmy's heart? Doesn't cabinet-minister Bradley have anything to say about education anymore?!

We all remember how sanctimonious Ole Jimmy was about faith-based-schooling! It - like "global-warming"! - was, according to Bradley, going to lead to the end of the world!

We all remember how McGuinty touted himself as the 'education premier'!!

We all remember how Bradley and his smarmy Grits fear-mongered that faith-based education was divisive and regressive and segregationist and a threat to social cohesion in Ontario!!

But now that Jim Bradley's Liberals have no problem creating "black" schools and "poor" schools - suddenly, Jimmy's nowhere to be found, hidden in his trusty Cone-of-Silence cloaking device. As far as Liberals are concerned, poor schools are, apparently, good; so black poor schools would even be better...

It's astounding that McGuinty's education minister Leona Dombrowsky wasn't even tangentially mentioned in Reid's column! Doesn't the 'education premier's' education minister have anything to do with any of this?!

What is Dombrowky going to do about this Liberal Poor School - will she embrace the concept, or distance her Liberal government from it?

Compare Reid's column with the perspectives in Moira MacDonald's Feb.5, 2011 Toronto Sun column.

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