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The NHS is not an independent organization

Re:"Council calls for NHS probe" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.11, 2011; and no, reporter Matthew Van Dongen couldn't be bothered to provide any comments in this story from Liberal Jim Bradley - typical St.Catharines Standard Grit ass-kissing; oh how Henry Burgoyne would be proud)...

... it's interesting to see how Niagara's puffed-up Liberals are now running around, screaming for some kind of investigation of the NHS - yet not one of these Liberals has ever demanded a public explanation from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about what his McGuinty-led Liberal disaster of a government has done to health care in Ontario!

What FLICKING kind of "investigation" do they want?! The Ombudsman is the only one who can deal with the secrecy surrounding the NHS, whose decisions are made by the LHIN and by the Ministry of Health! The ombudsman was not allowed to "investigate" the NHS; Jim Bradley and his secretive Liberals spent the last seven years hiding their entire health-care monopoly - not just the NHS - from independent scrutiny!

Now Liberals such as Diodati and Zimmerman and others squawk self-righteously about the NHS, as if the NHS is somehow a self-reliant and independent organization; as if the concept of Liberal-forced ideological single-payer health-care monopolism HAS NOTHING to do with any of their concerns; as if everything the NHS does isn't approved by its superiors at the LHIN and the Ministry of Health!!!!!!!

They're all now squawking about the HIP - the same HIP which we were just told WAS NOT the reason why former NHS CEO Debbie Sevenpifer was (mysteriously) fired! 

No McGuinty-Liberal-government official has yet told us why Sevenpifer was fired, and, why the rest of the NHS's board of directors (who all implemented the HIP) are still there! Somehow the Liberals on the municipal level are all complaining about the HIP, as if the evil HIP was the only thing wrong with the NHS health-care monopoly!! {clue: the word "monopoly" !!}

Let's remember - for the hundredth time - that the HIP which these sanctimonious Liberals are whining about was FORCED upon the NHS by Dalton McGuinty's health minister George Smitherman!!

The urban legend propagated by the yellow-shirt socialists and the municipal Liberals is that somehow McGuinty's Liberal monopolist government has scant little to do with anything that happens at the NHS!

Let's remember that the Liberals were happy to accept Smitherman's great Liberal health-care plans. Smitherman ordered the NHS to 'save money': do not forget this fact!
Smitherman ordered  the Ministry of Health to force the NHS to create a HIP.
Smitherman's Liberals approved the NHS's HIP proposals.
Dr. Jack Kitts approved the NHS's HIP.
The McGuinty/Smitherman-created LHIN also approved the HIP.
The Liberals then ordered the NHS to implement the HIP.
And the Liberals - including Smitherman, then David Caplan, then Deb Matthews - also REFUSED to reconsider the NHS's HIP [which they had instigated in the first place!]

In other words: McGUINTY'S LIBERALS WERE SOLELY IN CHARGE OF INSTIGATING AND IMPLEMENTING THE NHS HIP - there was NO 'autonomy'; nor any 'independence'; nor any 'local self-rule' of any kind whatsoever on the part of the NHS: McGuinty's Liberals fully ran the show! (Kim Craitor has a hard time understanding the last several paragraphs) McGuinty's Liberal pipers played the tune; the NHS had to dance.

The board and CEO of the Niagara Health System did what McGuinty's Liberals ordered them to do:  that's what happens in a state-run single-payer health-care monopoly. So, if  the Diodatis and Zimmermans want to "investigate" the NHS, they better start with examining George Smitherman's role in forcing the NHS to create the HIP; and they better examine Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal cabinet's role in supporting the NHS's HIP. Will this "probe" look at the Liberal government's role in mis-managing their failing health monopoly, or will the scope of this "investigation" be limited only to the NHS, thereby shifting the focus away from the culpability of the Liberal government?! After all:  aren't the Liberals ultimately accountable for what happens in their monopoly?

This urban legend -  that somehow the NHS's board of directors are independent (and thereby "accountable") - continues with this letter by John G. Bullivant "NHS board should be held accountable" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb11, 2011):

Re: NHS boss gone (Jan. 20).
Niagara Health System Board of Trustees chair Betty-Lou Souter is factually wrong in stating that "hospitals are not unlike businesses or large corporations" insofar as a comparison between their respective organizational structures will clearly show a critical and significant difference with respect to the fundamental matter of who they are accountable to in terms of leadership, transparency and governance.
In the "business and large corporate" world, a board is held accountable to its shareholders. However in the NHS world, the board has no such restriction, and is in fact accountable only to itself. In other words taxpayers do not have the same influence as a shareholder as to whether we agree or not with its standards of leadership, transparency and governance.
Because of this imbalance of accountability, surely it is not unreasonable for taxpayers to expect, and indeed be entitled to have, the highest level of leadership, transparency and responsible corporate governance associated with an organization employing 4,150 people (599 physicians) in six locations with an operating budget of $400 million.
Whether we do, or not, is a subjective decision, but by reading the reports printed in The Standard on Oct. 28, 2008, (Poll shows health system dissatisfaction and NHS doctors vote in favour of non-confidence motion) the board of trustees under the leadership of its chair must be held responsible for creating the negative NHS profile/ image of mistrust, lack of confidence and a mutual suspicion with its medical staff association, the public and, until December 2010, the censure of the Ontario Nursing Association.
If indeed the NHS board was accountable to shareholders, you can be very sure that they too would have reached their "crossroads and opt for a change" a long time ago, and would have done so by replacing the current chair of the board whose current term finishes in June of this year."

Contrary to what Bullivant claims, the NHS board IS NOT "accountable only to itself"!! WTF?!

The NHS is "accountable" to the LHIN, to the Ministry of Health, and to the McGuinty Liberal cabinet; but under this definition of "accountable": seeing that the NHS is a state-run monopoly, "accountability" here means "following orders". "Accountability" in a monopoly means "obedience" to the monopolist-payer who calls the shots. That is the only kind of  "accountability" possible here - BECAUSE A PATIENT CANNOT - BY LAW - PAY FOR SERVICES!!!

Do ya get it ?!? (see another disingenuous Bullivant letter here)

The NHS is beholden to the only PAYER: Dalton McGuinty's Liberals!

The NHS board, the LHIN, the MoH - these are all layers of unaccountable bureaucracy; these are lackeys, all puppets controlled by the state! The NHS is subservient to, and reports to, McGuinty's Liberal government!

The NHS IS NOT an independent organization; it's a cog in the state-run health monopoly - it's simply a POLITICAL FRANCHISE.

Do ya get it!?! Yet?

Monopolies such as the NHS are accountable to the government first, NOT to the patient; you can thank Tommy Douglas.

There is NO "accountability" in the normal sense which would commonly apply when talking about a private endeavour! How does one "make" a fake mechanism (ie a fixed-health-care market) "accountable"?! What does that term even mean in a state-run monopoly?! It's meaningless!!

The conceptual framework of what health care 'is' in Ontario...
 [ie {once again, read this and repeat until understood} it is a state-run single-payer monopoly]
... is simply overlooked in Bullivant's letter! Thus, being "accountable" to "shareholders" in a state-run, non-competitive health monopoly is an oxymoron. Tax-payers are but figurative 'shareholders', this is all a socialist smokescreen: the taxpayer is simply a convenient teat for socialist ideology; socialism doesn't invite troublesome shareholders who are independent and responsible; it appoints lackeys who are obedient and know their place. The socialists now want to "elect" hospital boards - yet, how will these boards "get" their money? From the taxpayer's teat?! That's  "accountability"?! That's yet another smokescreen-charade.

Only when patients pay for their own health care will hospitals, their boards, and their staff, have real accountability - and real responsibility. They would be obligated to perform for their patients, not be protected by a socialist, unaccountable health care monopoly.

Monopoly health care is all about empowering the statist status-quo, rather than about empowering patients. And it's all about pretending that Liberals such as Jim Bradley have nothing to do with health-care, while other Liberals run around pretending they're going to fix health-care! Yep ... do ya get it now ?!!

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