Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank-you for shooting us, Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor

Nancy Huizinga wrote in "Our wonderful health care system in action" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.19, 2011) :

   "Thank you Premier Dalton McGuinty, for making my elderly father, who fell and broke his hip to wait at the emergency room at St. Catharines General Hospital for seven hours to get an x-ray, another four hours for a doctor to come and assess him and another two days before he had an operation.
   Thank you Dalton for the shortage of nurses and cutbacks, resulting in health care that is sad and pathetic. I requested that a doctor speak to us after surgery and that didn't happen. I requested to have my dad awake for surgery and to speak to the anesthesiologist, but that didn't happen.
   Thank you Dalton that during my dad's two-and-a-half week stay, we haven't seen a doctor once.
   Thank you Dalton that since my dad is very frail, the hospital decided to give up on him and consider him as palliative care, which he is not, but would like him out of the hospital regardless.
   Thank you Dalton for wanting my dad to be discharged before he regains his strength back, because if he isn't discharged within three weeks from his admittance to this hospital, he will lose his bed at the long-term care home and would have to look and wait for a new long-term care home to be available.
   Thank you Dalton for giving us no choice. Therefore, our dear and frail dad was transferred to his long-term care home. We pray to our dear Lord that He will look after him because our wonderful health-care system that you developed certainly doesn't!
   Thank you Dalton, because of everything that happened, or didn't happen, my dad passed away!
   Thank you Dalton. This is something for all of us "boomers" to look forward to. You might as well just shoot us, because your health-care system is a crime.
   Thank you for nothing".
Thanks should also go to local Liberal politicians Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, whose duplicitous Liberal government-run health-monopoly underfunded the NHS and created the LHIN disaster in Niagara.
Why isn't Liberal MPP Jim Bradley publicly commenting on these continual horror stories emanating from his local Liberal-under-funded health-monopoly, in his own riding?!
Where is Jim Bradley hiding?! Will any St.Catharines Standard reporter bother to track down Good Ole Jimmy for a comment?! hahaha - as if...
Remember how a Smug Ole Jimmy, when in Opposition, used to huff and puff with sanctimonious feigned-outrage about Harris' alleged cuts?
And then remember how in May 2004, under finance minister Greg Sorbara, McGuinty's Liberals immediately announced that they were going to CUT Harris' health-care spending - which the Liberals themselves admitted was GROWING at 8% per year?!! (yes - you read that correctly: health-care spending under Harris was growing at 8% per year - and McGuinty's Liberals were complaining about this and planning to stop that!!)
Remember, these were McGuinty's Liberals - including the Niagara comedy-duo of Jimmy'n'Kimmy, Niagara's own FLICKIN' Frick'n'Frack  - who not only under-funded their despotic single-payer health monopoly, but who also CUT previously-covered health-care, and who then raised a massive new health-tax!!
McGuinty's Liberal-enforced single-payer health-care monopoly is a crime, but you can bet that the local municipal Liberals, such as Jim Diodati and Vance Badawey, will do anything to avoid investigating that.
It's all the NHS's fault, you see... oh, and Harris's too... hahahaha !
Bed shortages and under-funding can't have anything to do with McGuinty's health-care monopolism!!
McGuinty's LHIN's have nothing to do with any of this!
Smitherman's Commitment To The Future Of  Medicare Act has no bearing on any of this, either!!
Why - if you listen to Kim Craitor - Liberals aren't even involved in any of this - it's all Harris's fault!! What's McGuinty got to do with any of this?!
What's Jim Bradley got to do with any of this?
Nothin' - ya hear!?!!!

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