Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fake "investigation" of NHS avoids examining Liberal complicity

George Smitherman's piles of Liberal policy shit are still stinking throughout Ontario: here's more on the McGuinty Liberal government's wind energy greenie disaster.

It is quite clear to all Ontarians now that it was the walking Liberal disaster Smitherman who hadn't "thought things out" when it came to his half-baked greenie and healthcare despotism.

So, while McGuinty "quietly" tries to hide his and Smitherman's gigantic green energy policy turd, we can fondly reminisce about  Wise Ole Liberal Jim Bradley's smug rhetoric as reported by a fawning Toronto Star, back on Dec.4, 1995:
“As Liberal MPP Jim Bradley observed rather profoundly in the legislature, governments can be judged best by what they do in private. Put another way, it is what governments try to do covertly that speaks to us about their integrity and respect for voters.”

ha ha ha:  read that again - that's straight from the stinking, smug wazoo of Good Ole Jim Bradley! Yet - just look at what Bradley and his secretive, incompetent Liberal global-warming GreenFearTM-spreading scumbags have been covertly doing since 2003!! Gee, Jimmy: don't your oh-so-sanctimonious observations just as well apply to YOU and YOUR DISASTROUS LIBERAL GOVERNMENT ?!

What damn respect for voters, tax-payers, and constituents has secretive Bradley shown?! Bradley and his Liberals are ALL ABOUT secrecy and covert actions!!

Just look at the Liberals' fascist G20 secret law [....hmmmm... anyone remember that?!!...] - for which Bradley has yet to apologize! And oh yeah: Bradley has now been appointed as McGuinty's clean-up boy  to sweep the G20 law and the McGuinty Liberals' complicity under the rug.

Talk about a damn two-faced Liberal snake - Bradley takes the cake in hypocrisy!

Now (further to this story) we have municipal Liberals such as Jim Diodati and Debbie Zimmerman squawking about some kind of 'investigation' of the NHS - BUT NOT OF ANY INVESTIGATION INTO THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT WHICH CONTROLS THE NHS!!!!

What a classic diversion strategy!! Where was Diodati back in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, when Jim Bradley and his Liberals were hiding from scandal after health-care scandal?!

Did Diodati ever bother to demand that his Liberal provincial buddies immediately appoint the ombudsman to investigate the NHS's high patient death-rate?  Bradley sure couldn't be bothered to do so!!

Did Diodati ever demand 'accountability' from healthcare MONOPOLISTS such as Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor? Or do Jimmy'n'Kimmy have nothing at all to do with controlling, directing and (under)-funding  the NHS?!

Did Liberal hack Diodati ever demand that his Liberal buddies McGuinty, Craitor, and Bradley carry out the Legislative  LHIN review, which they had earlier promised - and then cancelled??! haha: Liberal hack Diodati conveniently vanished when it came to that.

Why don't we look into Diodati's and the many other municipal Liberals' partisan roles in enabling McGuinty's monopolistic health care despotism to flourish unchallenged? Why don't we look into these Liberals' adherence to greenshevik beliefs about global-warming, and their resultant idiotic kyodiot greenie policy decisions?!

An 'investigation into the NHS' is not an investigation into the McGuinty government's role in the NHS's decision process - and that's the way Liberals want this to remain!

This is a 'fake' call for an 'investigation'; this is more about illusion and diversion and Liberal partisanship in a provincial election year than it is about determining the McGuinty Liberal cabinet's ideological role in underfunding an entire health system WHILE concurrently enforcing a single-payer monopoly. These Liberals aren't interested in questioning their own Liberal government's draconian single-payer health care monopoly - they're more interested in blaming Harris for creating the NHS!! That is the underlying narrative here!!

I've never heard Liberal hack Jim Diodati express any concern over the death of Helen Harris. I've never heard Diodati call for an independent inquiry when hundreds of patients were dying from C. diff in McGuinty's health monopoly.

In fact, I've never heard Diodati or his partisan Liberals ever question [or even use the word] "monopoly" when talking of Ontario's failing Liberal-run health system! ( Pat Scholfield..!)

Any "investigation" purposefully limited only to the NHS - without the specific authority and scope of calling McGuinty's current and former Liberal cabinet members to testify - is just a soviet-style orwellian charade show-trial, all about appearance over substance.

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