Friday, December 10, 2010

Jim Bradley defends his Liberal's G20 secret Star-Chamber

What a load of exercise Good Ole Jimmy has had this week - so much standing up and sitting down and blowing hot air and exercising his propensity for blowhard rhetoric - during the four days of Question Period this week. Jim Bradley's Dec.9, 2010 Question Period performance was a great example of why McGuinty sent Bradley in to bullshit his way through the Bartolucci-blundered secret G20 law.
Bradley bullshitted his way through countless questions this week from the NDP and the PC's, never really answering any of them. He smugly tried to blame the federal Conservatives, Tim Hudak, and Andrea Horwath for HIS OWN LIBERAL GOVERNMENT'S INCOMPETENCE. It is pathetic how this smarmy Liberal goon Bradley operates.
Bradley continually gloated on about McMurtry's upcoming probe, yet, ignored that the parameters of McMurtry's probe have been predetermined by the Liberals!! Isn't that convenient, eh? Of course, Bradley didn't quite get around to telling us why McMurtry can't investigate the G20-fiasco-culpability of the Liberals themselves!
Bradley purposefully ignored making the link that not only was his Liberal law, for unknown reasons, mysteriously passed in secret, but then, was abused by the police in areas far removed from where Bradley now claims the law was meant to have been applied, ie. only within the security zone. Bradley refused to make this link between his secret Liberal law and how it was subsequently mis-used. Bradley refused to apologize for the civil-rights-violating fall-out.
Bradley purposefully perpetuated this disconnect, telling us that the passing of his (secret) law was meant for terrorists, but then ignored that his same law was used to attack peaceful (not violent) protesters in so-called designated gathering areas, nowhere near the security zone! So: are the people in these officially-designated zones, who had been arrested, detained, or assaulted by the police, 'terrorists' as far as Jim Bradley is concerned? Is that what they were to the McGuinty Liberal government?
That's the issue here, which Bradley is trying not to link - that the Liberals purposefully and inexplicably created secret legislation with their hasty PWPA amendment; then purposefully kept it secret; and then sat by and watched as their law was horribly abused by police, far away from where it was intended to apply. And then, remember, after the riot - McGuinty just vanished!!
It was McGuinty's Liberal Star-Chamber which instigated and created this civil rights fiasco. Bradley would like to portray the idea that the G20 meeting in and of itself was the cause, because it was 'a provocation', and so the Liberals had no choice but to create a new secretive war measures scenario all of their own. [McGuinty essentially also blamed the feds, on Sean Mallen's Christmas interview Dec.19, 2010, on Global TV]
It is absolutely shameful - but not surprising - that Jim Bradley is defending Bartolucci and his Liberal government's dictatorial actions. Both Bartolucci and Bradley should resign.
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