Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jim Bradley's climate snowjob

Isn't it wonderful to read in the Toronto Star, Dec.14, 2010 about how Liberal MPP Jim Bradley is looking after the interests of Ontarians?!
Yep, how about that - another snowjob from Jim Bradley!! Good Ole Jim Bradley - Ontario's Liberal green bolshevik global-warming climate-change fear-mongerer extraordinaire - is now graciously letting us know that hundreds of Ontarians - stuck on highways which have been closed due to all that ahem white global-warming around Sarnia - have been rescued.
Yet Jim Snowjob Bradley is one of those greensheviks who [along with David Suzuki, Al Gore, Stephane Bumbledore Dion, and Michael Moore] have been telling us that the earth is melting; the sky is falling; the floods are coming; the end is nigh! Bradley believes that global warming is one of the greatest threats to mankind!! In his global-warming delusionary state, Jim GreenFear TM Bradley - when he was McGuinty's Liberal Transportation Minister - even tried to blame global-warming for causing rust!!
Ironic how Liberal Kyodiot Bradley has to now explain why people have to be rescued from cars stuck on snowed in highways - where one person died. (It's just an 'anomaly', right Jim?! Snow is a 'climate extreme' now, eh, Jim, morphed from the a-bit-too-specific "global-warming" which you and McGuinty were peddling several years ago. Now it's 'climate change' - whatever that means!! You can bet that the Toronto Star sure won't be bothering to ask Good Ole Jimmy for his definition of 'climate change'!)
Kyoto-pusher Bradley still hasn't bothered to publicly reveal the pseudo-scientific evidence he was using to goad us into the idiotic Kyoto mess!!
C'mon, there Jimmy, you can tell us - was it that Mann-made hockey-stick graph which you tried to snow-job snow-bound Ontarians with?!

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