Sunday, December 5, 2010

Petty Greenshevism

In light of the recent snow and cold...
[down in Buffalo, cars stuck in snow on Interstate 90 for 24 hours; record snowfall on Dec.4, 2010 in Chicago (which, ironically, was the former home to Al Gore's recently failed CCX carbon credit exchange!]
... here's a hilarious piece of global-warming GreenFear-mongering spread by Graham Pett in the Dec.4, 2010 St.Catharines Standard, titled "Mr.Baird goes to Cancun":

"In keeping with the old adage that everything old is new again, Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently recycled John Baird back as minister of environment.

This is the same Baird who, when last in this portfolio nearly four years ago, promised Canadian industry that emission regulations would soon be coming.

We're still waiting.

Just several weeks ago, the Canadian Council of CEOs (including those from the oil industry and tar sands operators), released a paper stating it was imperative the federal government develop a plan for encouraging clean energy technologies to deal with climate change, and this needs to include carbon pricing. This from the very same "industry" whom Baird (and of course Harper) argues needs protection from the ravages of climate change regulations.

Clearly "industry" knows the Conservatives have no plan. In the meantime, Baird has won himself an all-inclusive trip on the taxpayers' tab to Cancun, Mexico (site of the upcoming round of global climate change negotiations).

Since he doesn't do negotiations (rather letting the United States do the dirty work for us), he might as well kick off the shoes, soak in the sun, dapple in the water and maybe down a margarita or two. Cancun in early December is a mighty nice place to bury one's head in the sand."

I don't recall Pett's letter about how he 'waited' for Liberano Jean Chretien's Kyoto faux-commitments to come into place for some thirteen years! Did Pett whine about that particular Liberal "climate-change" (or is it "global warming"...?!) duplicity? Who has no plan to stop the cooling?
Did Pett complain about Liberal GreenShift Goof Stephane Bumbledore Dion's climate-change/global warming GreenFearTM crapola?!
Did Pett ever moan about the 'taxpayers' tab' of sending Mr. Liberal Carbon Pricer Stephane Dion and his fellow greenie warmists to countless useless climate extravaganzas? Yeah: Dion, the pathetic Liberal clown who was so enamoured by the idiocy of Kyoto that he actually named his dog after it...
Will Pett be whining about how many Liberals went to Cancun?
Will Pett also be whining about how many Liberals didn't go to Cancun?!
Will Pett be whining about why Ignatieff didn't go to Cancun?! Will Pett be asking why going to Cancun wasn't a Liberal priority?!
Did Pett whine about the 'taxpayers' tab' of Stephane Kyodiot Dion's trip back in Sept.2010, when he was in Cancun, and got sick?! How about Bumbledore's Copenhagen jaunt - has Pett complained about the cost of that - both in taxpayers' cash, and in planet-killing Liberal air-travel/carbon-footprint AGW hypocrisy?!?
Will Pett moan about why U.S. President Obama ain't even goin' to Cancun?
Did Pett whine when the U.S. outperformed Liberal-run Chretienite Canada on so-called "climate change" for over a decade? Who was doing Canada's 'dirty work' for Liberal cretin Chretien then?!
And what's with Pett's use of quotation marks around "industry"? Oil isn't an industry in Canada?!? The concept of "climate-change" as used by Pett should itself be in quotation marks, seeing as Pett doesn't, and likely can't, define what it is (don't worry - neither can Al Gore - that's the beauty of greenshevism)
But at least one thing's obvious: Pett hates Conservatives, and that's what his political rhetoric is all about!!

Speaking of greenies burying their 'head in the sand', maybe Pett and his ilk should have a look at Terence Corcoran's article, "Beyond Cancun, a fossil-fuel world" (National Post, Dec.4, 2010 [the same day as Pett's funnee greenism appeared in the Standard]

... or Pett could read Lawrence Solomon's article "Green collapse" (National Post, Dec.4, 2010)

... or Pett could perhaps read Rex Murphy's article "The last global warming conference ever?" (National Post, Dec.4, 2010)

... or maybe Pett can try to make a coherent argument about climate hysteria over at CO2 Insanity...

Or, the kyodiots can continue burying their heads deeper into their asses - it's warmer, and closer to their "truth".

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