Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jim Bradley: Mr.Smoke and Mirrors

After reading Adam Radwanski's Sept.22, 2010 story in the Globe and Mail G20 probe is more smoke and mirrors from the Liberals, why does it come as no surprise that the Liberal shitbag spinning this whole mirage is none other than Niagara's own Liberal shitbag, Jim Bradley?!
Jimmy knows how to spin, lie, and hide. Creating a carefully crafted, limited scope "investigation" that looks like an investigation, but really isn't, is a McGuinty Liberal's wet dream, perfect for Jimmy.
The Globe's Radwanski takes the time to parse out the details of Bradley's fake investigation; the people in Bradley's own riding would NEVER, EVER get that kind of detail about Jimmy's smoke-and-mirror dalliances from his fanclub at the St.Catharines Standard.
Having Liberal Jim Bradley set the terms of this investigation is a massive joke, beyond sickening: IT IS JIM BRADLEY AND HIS LIBERALS who should be under investigation in a PUBLIC INQUIRY, if not a CRIMINAL TRIAL.
When did Jim Bradley know about this secret law, and what did HE do about it?! Do you think anyone at the St.Catharines Standard will bother to ask Jim?!
Now if only someone could look into detailing how McGuinty Liberals such as Jim Bradley and George Smitherman managed to help close down two emergency rooms in Niagara - while blaming it all on Harris? Playing politics with health-care - maybe that would put the corrections minister behind bars.

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