Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brantford demolition continues - last building along Colborne St. stretch torn down today

The last building of Brantford's Colborne St. demolition project was torn down today.
The remaining front portions of #151 Colborne St. (the old James Smith building, built ca. 1867) and of the Laracy building to its west, were finally knocked down, bringing to an end this stage of the project: these were the last two buildings of the scheduled demolition which faced onto Colborne St.
At the rear (down the slope along Water St., east of the Stanbridge Walkway) there are still several remaining chunks of large foundations left to be broken apart, piles of metal and wood debris to be sorted, and grading to be done along the slope where all these buildings had stood.
Meanwhile, west of the walkway, much of the slope grading has been done; just the old maintenance building at the far west dead-end of Water St. is still standing as of today - but, the major demolition has come to an end along Colborne St.
Below: Sept.21, 2010 - only some of the lower west-side plaster walls and lower east and west brick walls of #151 Colborne St. remained after noon.
below: the Laracy building stood where the worker with the sprayhose is standing; the remnants of the Smith building are at the left, with part of its west and east brick walls partially standing, and some wood lath still standing at its west (right) wall.

above: same view, several hours later - the Smith building's east-side walls were demolished just after 4 pm, thereby unofficially marking the end of the Colborne St.-side of the demolition, which had begun at #35 Colborne St., back on Jun.8, 2010, (see here, here). By 4pm, as I watched the last wall get knocked down, there was no one else around on the street to see the end...
above: a view from the rear of the west-side interior plaster lath walls of the Smith building.
below: a part of the Right House foundation wall remains along Water St. (at the bottom of the slope) while uphill the orange excavator works on the Right House site; the yellow excavator at the upper right continues its demolition of the Laracy site and the Smith building.

above: a closer view of a boarded up window in the east-wall of #151's basement, seen previously above in the center-right of the photo (look to the right of the yellow excavator's bucket).
above: looking westward along Water St.; the lower portion of #151 Colborne St.'s east wall is still seen standing, at the top right.
above: a closer final look at the remaining portion of the east-side wall of #151 Colborne St., just before it was torn down at 4pm.
above: view of the debris along Water St. - at the bottom is the sliding steel door seen earlier, which had once been an access way into the Right House from #139-141 Colborne St.
above: looking at the east side of the Stanbridge Walkway (its green frame is seen at the upper left) - a BIG pile of scrap steel lays on the slope, across the street from the Steel Building (the brown brick building seen at the upper right)!
below: Video by R.Bobak taken Sept.21, 2010 at 4pm, showing the final demolition of #151 Colborne St.
Note the stealthy appearance of an intrepid raccoon, who, despite the noise and danger, was intent on getting into the demolished remains of the Right House's foundation.

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