Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Health-care extortion masquerading as "choice"

Further to the National Post's Sept.1, 2010 story by Jamie Komarnicki "Let the rich jump health care queue: MD", Dr. Lloyd Maybaum's "Robin Hood" health care scenario is out to lunch.
This is just a rehash of Liberal health care market interference, nothing more than an artificial "sickness tax", as Scott Tribe essentially proposed five years ago, see here.
The idiotic concept is back, now five times stupider.
This is no solution to anything - just a Liberal-style big-government scheme of market interference and price manipulation. (Iggy would love this - but unfortunately, no-one knows what Iggy's health care policies actually are - and hundreds of reporters have had two months on Iggy's Polluting-the-Country bus-tour to ask.)
Why should anyone be forced to pay some asinine, inflated, dictated-by-government, "price" for health-care?
This guy Maybaum can't be serious. He's proposing a PENALTY, not a solution! Setting fake health-care "prices" - actually, sickness taxes - in order to cover for the admitted and plainly obvious failure of the single-payer monopolist status-quo is simply ridiculous, not to mention disingenuous and immoral.
What if the medical procedure is cheaper in the States, anyway?! What then is the point of Maybaum's price-fixing scheme, that it's just there for show?! (a typical Liberal appearance-over-substance gimmick) Why not allow all patients to have a choice, without government "price" meddling?
And is the 'price' always the issue?! What if the same service can be delivered in a more convenient, in a more timely manner, to meet the needs of the patient, at say, only twice the "price" of the failing-government-monopoly's "price" (from which the patient is escaping, by the way...)?! Will Maybaum ban that option?! Sorry, Sir - you HAVE to pay five times the amount the government is charging - for a service you CAN'T GET because the very same government failed to deliver!!!!!!!
Or what if the service can be done FOR LESS than the so-called government "price" - will Maybaum ban that, as well?!!
This is a completely wrong-headed, bureaucratically-heavy idiotic idea - perfect for Liberals.
The answer is for ALL patients to have access to medical choice of services, for all Ontarians, for example, to be able to choose to OPT OUT of OHIP, to be able to choose their own level and means of insurance - stuff which Liberals and lefties hate to contemplate.
Forcing patients - whoever they are - to pay extorted prices to get health-care services which the state-monopoly failed to deliver in the first place ought to be a crime.

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