Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

On Sept.16, 2010, the demolition focused on the rear of the James Smith building at #151 Colborne St.
Below is the view from the walkway mid-day, where the excavator is reaching into the Smith building.
above: at the center bottom left is the remnant of the Right House's Water St.-level rear foundation wall; its two remaining upper floors were demolished yesterday, on Sept.15, 2010.
The lower part of the Right House's elevator shaft can still be seen at the center-left; and the rear of the Laracy building is still seen just to the right of the elevator shaft, tucked in the center. Note the trees growing behind the Laracy building. above: The Smith building still has a part of its brick wall left over the garage door at the bottom.
above: more is removed from the Smith building, this is just before the floors collapsed, causing a part of the east wall, at the center upper right, to fall towards the Laurier building's stairs.
above: workers examine the stability of the remaining wall, shortly after the earlier collapse.
above: the green tongue and groove wooden wall had been at the second floor level as the dividing wall between the green and purple-coloured walls.
The yellow excavator was brought in to stabilize the east-side brick wall, after the earlier portion fell over into the walkway area at the right. The yellow machine's bucket arm was placed on the outside part of the brick wall as the other machine continued to work inside
above: end of the day, Sept.16, 2010; more of the second floor of the Smith building is gone., revealing a blue and yellow paint job in the interior rooms. Note the trees, which had been growing behind the Laracy building, are now laying tipped onto the Laracy building after having been knocked down as the excavator was working on part of the Smith building.
below: video taken by R.Bobak on Sept.16, 2010, showing the demolition of the rear portion of the James Smith building at #151 Colborne St., when part of the first and second floors collapsed, sending a large chunk of the Smith building's east-side rear brick wall into the walkway between it and the Laurier building.

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