Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

below: Further to my previous post, as of Sept.2, 2010, the demolition was focused on #137 Colborne St., of which only the bottom storefront remained at the lower right.
The next building seen still standing in the center is #139-141 Colborne, and at the left is the former Right House at #143-147.
There are only four more buildings left to demolish on the Colborne St. frontage, and two others down on Water St. - the little Heinbuck's, and, the Riverview Automotive building.
above: Sept.2, 2010 - looking northwards from the east-side rear of the Riverview Automotive building towards the Harmony Square buildings in the distance. This is yet another vista which, until the buildings on the south-side of Colborne were torn down, was never before visible.
below: looking at the remains of #137 Colborne in the center distance, now knocked down to only the first storey still standing; behind and below #137, facing onto Water St., is the former Heinbuck's used furniture shop (near the bottom-right). At the far-bottom right is the rear of #139-141. In the space between the Riverview Automotive building and #137 was where #135 had stood, see earlier view of same location here.

above: same view as previously, but now, in the center-distance, the first floor has also been knocked down. Note the rear steel lintel is still standing, holding up a piece of the second floor 0f #137.
below: closer view of the above knocked-down first floor of #137 - the checkered tile floor (probably asbestos tile...) from the second floor has fallen down onto the first floor.

above: looking into the first floor of #137 Colborne from the rear, before it was knocked down several minutes later -old pressed metal tin ceiling tiles can be seen, which had been covered over, and one of the pressed tin tiles can be seen hanging at the upper left.
above: looking at the demolition site from the walkway; the wall now seen exposed at the upper left is the west-side of the building still standing at #139-141. The painted outlines of the rooms and stairs, of course, were the on the interior of the east-side wall of #137 Colborne St.
above: looking at the rear (north-facing) part of the Riverview building - it can now be seen that there was a door also in the next floor (3rd floor) below the gable - the upper part of the door can be seen in the center of the photo. This must have been an access into the lower mid-rear section of #131-133 Colborne, seeing as the door which went into the gable was on the first floor (Colborne St. grade) level.
below: Video of the demolition of #137 Colborne St.

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