Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look out Toronto: Liberal George Smitherman is ALREADY raising taxes!!

Further to this story "Smitherman reverses himself on $10M tax hike on businesses", it's unbelievable that any Ontarian, anywhere in this province, can take this Liberal piece of crap seriously.
Maybe Smitty's still on his party-drug trip from years ago?!
What a FLICKING "retailer" Smitherman was: gladly selling McGuinty's stinking Liberal bullshit since 2003.
What's ten million dollars to a scumbag Liberal like Slippery George: this ass blew a BILLION dollars on eHealth, and thought nothing of it!! Until they got caught, his Liberals even pretended - amazingly - that nothing was wrong, that there was NOTHING to worry about!!
Slitherman is the piece of Grit Shit TM who gave us the LHIN disaster in Ontario: it was a stinking slithery Smitherman who started the process of forcing the Niagara Health System to cut expenses, which led to the closure of the hospital emergency departments in Port Colborne and Fort Erie - which was the focus of a recent investigation by Ontario's ombudsman.
Smitherman is the Liberal health-minister who denied Suzanne Aucoin necessary cancer treatments, forcing her to go to Buffalo - then, later, Smitherman pretended he knew nothing about it!! This had been the subject of an entire report by Ontario's ombudsman Andre Marin!! Look it up - then ask Smitherman about his role in that fiasco!
Smitherman also brought us the Health Tax - DON'T FORGET THAT!!
And don't forget that that McGuinty's Liberals under health minister Smitherman not only increased health taxes - THEY ALSO CUT previously-covered health services!! DON'T FORGET THAT, either, folks!! And Smitherman's incompetent mitts were all over the Green Energy Act fiasco, as well.
Ontario's premier Liar, Dalton McGuinty, should be censured for using his office to endorse his former Liberal bag-boy's mayoral candidacy.

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