Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

Further to my previous post, as of Sept.8, 2010, the demolition was focused at #139-141 Colborne St.
As seen below on Sept.8, 2010, the next building still standing is the former Right House, at #143-147 Colborne St.
By its west side (where the yellow machine is digging) is where the front portion of #139-141 had stood until yesterday - now, demolished. Today, the mid-rear portion of #139-141 is under demolition (where the orange machine is working, at the right). This rear portion goes all the way down to Water St.; it is the building which had the old "tea importers" sign painted on the brick.

above: Sept.8, 2010 - looking from the walkway towards the right, Riverview Automotive, the gabled building with the tower, which stood facing onto Water st., has been demolished, and Heinbuck's, also on Water St., has been knocked down.
above: Sept.8, 2010 - closer view from Water St., Riverview Automotive building had been at the left, now a pile of debris; and Heinbuck's had been at the right - see same view from Sept.2, 2010 here.
The rear of #139-141 Colborne St. is the four-storey building to the right, with the brown-painted-brick at the bottom, and the words "tea impo (rters)" painted higher up on the wall.

Below is the same view as seen on Feb.10, 2010, with Heinbuck's at the right.

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