Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chippawa Pharmacy closes, but local Liberal health-care cutter Kim Craitor remains silent

below: looking at the south side of Cummington Square W., in Niagara Falls, Ont, village of Chippawa. Date not known, probably early-mid 1960's. The fifth building in from the left is the Snodgrass Pharmacy. Photo from Niagara Falls Library digital archives.
above: same view, June 2010 - the same building at the right now houses the Chippawa Pharmacy at 8172 Cummington Sq. W.
below: Sept.1, 2010 - this pharmacy is set to close today, Sept.1, 2010, after several decades serving the community. What did Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal health care cuts have to do with this small pharmacy having to close?
above: on the storefront was this sign, noting a quote from Ontario's premier Liberal liar, Dalton McGuinty: " "It's not the government's job to ensure the survival of smaller pharmacies who say the changes will force them to close their doors, [Dalton] McGuinty said" - Canadian Press, Apr.20, 2010 "
Another notice in the front window reads: "The McGuinty government is cutting frontline healthcare at your local pharmacy. That means less service for you. Some pharmacies may even close."
So what does Kim Craitor - the single-payer, government-run, no-patient-choice health-care-monopoly-pushing local Liberal MPP, have to say about the closing of this local drugstore in his own riding?
How about McGuinty, or Deb Matthews, or that other Liberal piece of work in the next riding over, Jim Bradley - what do any of these Liberals have to say?
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