Friday, May 7, 2010

Why IS Liberal Jim Bradley cutting frontline healthcare??

above: a flyer delivered to St.Catharines households in early May, 2010, asking, "Why is your MPP, Jim Bradley, cutting frontline health care?", provided a phone number to call, 1-866-880-6531, and a website,

So, why is Good Ole St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley cuttin' frontline health care here in Niagara?

Perhaps we can refer to all those in-depth interviews with Jim Bradley on this very issue which the St.Catharines Standard has recently carried out... ohh... what's that... oh yeah... THERE WERE NONE!

The local papers had NOTHING in regards to this issue of pharmacy cuts and having Bradley explain in detail what effects his Liberal policies will have locally.

Where were these interviews with St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley in the local press?! Why is the local press doing their damnedest to protect Jim Bradley's Liberals? Not a word about, or from, the local Liberal health care monopolist Bradley, in regards to this issue and its consequences!!

But we did get this May 5, 2010 letter to the editor in the Standard from former federal Liberal MP Walt Lastewka's former campaign mananger Renate Hodges, who's now apparently also acting on Jim Bradley's local behalf:

"It is very comforting to see Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak taking on the role of protector of public health care. His latest promise is that, if elected premier, he would keep the Fort Erie emergency department open. It was only a decade ago that the same Tim Hudak was part of a provincial government planning health-care cuts and hospital closings here in Niagara. So, before we get hoodwinked again by the old Mike Harris gang, let's remember which government tried to close hospitals in St. Catharines/ Niagara, and which government is currently building one."

Like with Liberal MPP Kim Craitor and some of the yellow shirts, these lefties just can't leave Harris alone - while McGuinty and Bradley's Liberal gang of serial-liars continue to merrily cut health care in Ontario!

Hodges conveniently overlooks to mention her Liberal party's complicity in cutting health care transfer payments to Ontario.

Hodges doesn't mention what St.Catharines MP Lastewka did to stop the creation of the NHS (answer: nothing); and doesn't mention what alternatives Lastewka or Bradley had. Amalgamation at the time from the disparate systems to one NHS was the proper answer, and, it didn't happen in a vacuum. Bradley today can smugly brag about the new hospital he's personally constructing in west St.Catharines [the McGuinty-Bradley Memorial Health Centre?] in large part due to the necessary rationalizations made in the nineties.

The NHS was not a privatization, as the left likes to think.

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