Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ban Ka Boom spreads Greenfear in Canada

Rex Murphy in his column "Giving it back to Ban Ki Moon" (National Post, May 15, 2010), sure gave one of the world's Chief Climate Change Fearmongerers a much deserved dressing down. Maybe John Kastner could read it; it might help explain some of his own political rhetoric about "climate change"!
Ban Ki Moon (who, umm... flew to Canada... yeh) and who was threatening us that the planet will essentially blow up, go all Ka Boom, if Copenhagen wasn't signed, is still peddling his same old pre-Climategate GreenFearTM, just as David Suzuki (recently in May 2010 on The Hour, CBC, on another one of his tree-wasting book-tours), was calling Dalton McGuinty's policies the "green shift", confusing Stephane Bumbledore Dion's laugh-riot of failed climate crap with George Smitherman's stinking pile of failing Green Energy crap. But that's what these scam artists are selling - crap; it's easy even for them to confuse one commie's enviro-crap from some other socialist's eco-vomit from some other leftist greenie's snot. Suzuki, in a somewhat darkish mood, also now identifies himself as a "conservative", ha ha ha... As usual, Strombo's crowd of sheep gobbled it all up. Strombo didn't ask how Suzuki got to the studio from the left coast - he must have walked... to save the planet, eh?

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