Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dewar's bias against McGuinty's Liberals is sooo unfair

Hey, didn't you all just love the QWI Agency Dewar cartoon on pg.A6 in the May 17, 2010 St.Catharines Standard?

It was a great editorial cartoon, showing Ontario's secretive Liberal Premier, Dalton McGuinty, standing in the hall outside a boardroom, looking inside as a bunch of harried bureaucrats are shuffling important files. Outside the boardroom is a sign saying "Ombudsman's LHIN Inquiry" - and the really funny thing is that Dewar has McGuinty saying to these guys "Don't find anything until after 2011!".

Ha ha ha...

Oh, it gets funnier - Dewar also has McGuinty dressed up in a red ermine-trimmed robe, to signify that the Ontario premier is a monarch, a red king amongst mere mortals, with an absolute majority and therefore absolute power, who doesn't have to worry about petty concerns such as accountability or transparency.

Oh, that Dewar is good.

Oh oh oh... and Dewar, the ever-cunning satirist, shows McGuinty wearing a horned buffalo hat - isn't that precious? It's a riot!! This is so original - Dewar has never done such a bold cartoon!! Dewar's cartoons are so, umm, refreshingly not tired stereotyopical rehashes! No siree, Dewar's cartoons are always fresh takes on fresh subjects!! Oh, and the buffalo hat McGuinty is wearing has horns on it - y'see: horns!!! Funnee stuff, I tell yah.

And here's the best part: Dewar - she's sooo talented, did I mention? - draws a roll of toilet paper hanging off one of the horns!!

It's hilarious - McGuinty, a despotic, secretive, controlling monarch with horns like the devil, ordering his minions to hide reports, all the while with a roll of toilet paper handy because of all the shit he spews!!

Oh, that Dewar - truly a wise cartoonist; a lampoonist extraordinaire!! 'McGuinty's full of shit', is what the St. Catharines Standard is saying on its editorial page.

And what about all those other Dewar cartoons which the Standard has proudly placed on its editorial pages?

Like the cartoon of George Smitherman telling the police not to investigate why his Liberal healthcare monopoly killed 500 patients through c.difficle infections? Who needs to look at that? There's no need for a stinkin' investigation! 'Don't find anything until I leave to run for mayor of Toronto', said the caption - but we knew that Dewar knew that Smitty knew that McGuinty would cover for him, no matter what! Awww, how touching!
Oh, and Dewar drew Smitherman fashionably wearing diapers over his red ermine trimmed robes - and not only that, Dewar drew Smitherman, aka Diaper-man, with soiled diapers hanging off each of his horns! oh, Dewar's the best, eh?

What about that Dewar cartoon showing McGuinty ordering his coal-fired generating station 'decommissioning-commission' to delay shutting down the coal plants for another several years - TWICE!

Dewar ran that chestnut once before the 2007 election to show what a liar McGuinty was, and ran it again to show that McGuinty is still a liar!! Dewar's the best.

Or how about the one where McGuinty tells his HST hack Wilkinson to not reveal the true costs of McGuinty's new tax? Or where McGuinty tells Ontario's businesses that the HST would make them competitive, yet also tells his LCBO liquor monopoly NOT to pass on the supposed HST savings onto customers (ie. 'do as I say, not as I do'; ie.  the liquor store prices will NOT go down due to the HST!) Dewar got that one down pat, too.

Or the other incisive Dewar cartoons, like the one where McGuinty promises to hire thousands of nurses, or promises to reduce hospital wait times, or promises - IN WRITING - not to raise taxes!! Or that Dewar classic showing McGuinty and Caplan, with toilet paper stuck in their butts, telling us there were no problems with eHealth; everything's just fine, thanks, move along now, sheeple... gosh, those were all worthy Dewar cartoons, weren't they?

There were so many great Dewar QMI Agency cartoons which the St. Catharines Standard has blessed us with; remember the one with Jim Mr. Environment Bradley telling us not to look too closely at any hockey-stick graphs - meanwhile Dewar showed him with a hockey stick shoved up his butt! Oh that Dewar - what a pointy wit!!

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