Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dalton McGuinty's Liberals have jumped the policy shark; Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar now invokes the war effort to justify his HST

After reading great articles such as:

George Jonas' "Goodbye Hitler, hello Stalin" (National Post, May 8, 2010)...
and Peter Kuitenbrouwer's "Celebrating a day the world will remember" (National Post, May 8, 2010)...
and Robert Fulford's "Disillusioned by the great victory" (National Post, May 8, 2010)...
and Conrad Black's "Our proud role in Europe's liberation" (National Post, May 8, 2010)...
and Lorne Gunter's National Post column "The HST is fine on paper. It's only painful in real life"...

... in this context we then come to a story about Ontario's Premier Liar Dalton McGuinty's most recent political spin to make his new Liberal HST tax smell better, in "HST a necessary public sacrifice " (National Post, May 8, 2010):

"Invoking the spirit of the wartime generation, Dalton McGuinty yesterday called on Ontarians to make the necessary sacrifices to create a better future for the province.

The Premier said each generation has challenges and sacrifices that have to be made for the common good. And just as parents, grandparents and great grandparents battled through war and depression to ensure a better future, the time has come for this generation to do its part.

He said Ontarians should see tough economic measures, like the HST, as the kind of sacrifice that will create a better future for the next generation.

Mr. McGuinty said a high dollar, high energy costs that are going to get even higher, government deficits, and ballooning health-care costs have combined to create a dramatically different challenge for Ontarians.

"Why is it that our grandparents and parents have always found a way to step it up and do something for the next generation, but somehow, we say we can't adjust to those things; we are not prepared to do difficult things that they used to do in the old days," the Premier had said
Tuesday , in defence of the HST and other tough economic measures.

"We have a more challenging and more competitive world, and as a society, our generation has got to step it up. I think the noble ideal that inspires our generation is the same one that inspired all the others."

The HST, which goes into effect in July, has come under severe criticism.

A recent study has shown that a family earning between $70,000 and $80,000, for example, can expect to pay $722 more a year under the new tax.

But Mr. McGuinty is adamant that the measure is necessary to ensure Ontario businesses stay competitive enough to help build a better future for the province. He says Ontario cannot stand pat while about 140 of its competitors have put similar measures in place.

This is however, the first time the Premier has invoked the spirit of past generations and their sacrifices to inspire acceptance of the HST, which he says is fundamental to the preservation of Ontario society.

Mr. McGuinty said in Ottawa yesterday that money for schools, hospitals, environmental protection, roads and new jobs will only come from a strong economy -- and that is what his government is striving to build.

"It is about our generation doing what we need to do build a stronger economy. Sometimes, it is not an easy thing to do but I think we recognize that it needs doing," he said.

The Premier's comments came as his government announced a $909,000 budget increase for the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre to improve services for children with special needs. The money, part of a $9-million annual funding increase that 20 treatment centres will get each of the next three years, will allow the Ottawa treatment centre to hire about a dozen new therapists."

McGuinty's latest - and vilest yet - rationalization (after all his other lies) for his Liberal regime's series of new taxes is pathetic: now this Liberal lying scumbag is invoking his "public sacrifice/common good" treacle / canard, trying to justify that his own bloated government's lack of spending control, blended with McGuinty's authoritarian ideological policies, is 'for our own good'! McGuinty's new gambit is to convince us that we have to willingly submit to being FORCED to 'sacrifice' for McGuinty's and Jim Bradley's big-government, Big Brother statist Liberal whims/sins!?!?

But what has McGuinty's smug, secretive Liberal government 'sacrificed' ?!

The bullshitmanship, once again, of Ontario's Liberal liars is astounding. McGuinty's slick (and utterly vacuous) attempt to couch his Liberal regime's statism as being the goal that our wartime generation fought for, is disgusting in its calculated hypocrisy.

We fought so that Chretien's Liberals could act like dictators with stolen adscam funds? We fought so that McGuinty hacks such as George Smitherman could blow a billion tax dollars on eHealth, and then, simply walk away from their stinking pile of shit without any consequence?! We fought for the political ideology of more statism, more government interference, and more despotism... really, Dalton?!

This latest Grit vomit to spew out of McGuinty's lying mouth is his basest political spin yet. McGuinty here has hit an all-time new low. The gall... the pure Liberal bullshit emanating from McGuinty is beyond the pale.

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