Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Niagara Falls Convention and Civic Centre construction

below: The Niagara Falls, Ont. Convention and Civic Centre site as it was being prepared for construction, seen Apr.14, 2009. This view looks at the southern end of the site, with Stanley Ave. in the foreground. Photos by R. Bobak click on photos to enlarge
above: same view, Dec.8, 2009
above: same view, on May 19, 2010 - the window glass is mostly installed on the structure's lower level along Stanley, while on the upper facade level the angled window frames have been installed and are awaiting glass installation. In the distance is a crane from Cleveland's All Crane Rentals, ready to haul the a/c unit up onto the roof.
below: view of the site as it was seen on May 11, 2009, looking from across Stanley Ave., with a tree in full flower on the old Loretto Academy's lawn.

above: same view, on Apr.5, 2010
below: Apr.29, 2009, looking in a northerly direction along Stanley Ave.

above: Apr.29, 2009 - looking northwards across the construction site to the Skylon in the distance. The first excavations for the footings began here at the southern end of the site. This view (from behind the lane of trees which run along the south-side of the site) is now hidden by the new structure.

below: video taken on May 19, 2010 shows the Niagara Falls Convention Centre's air handling unit being lifted onto the roof by a huge crane which was set up on Stanley Ave.

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