Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bradley steals from health system to fund performance centre

It's a wonder Marlene Bergsma didn't gag when writing "Arts funding forces lyricist to rewrite song" (see

Jo Henderson should've been rewriting the lyrics to the dirge of the Volga Boatmen instead, emphasizing the long struggle taxpayers will have before this wasted arts centre money gets repaid. What a shameless display of ass-kissing this Gilbert and Sullivan travesty-tripe was! All the "proper" members of Niagara's elite upper crust were given homage.

Good gosh golly darn - lookee there, folks: Good Ole Jimmy Bradley just appeared outta nowhere and pulled 26 million (of our) dollars out of his pants pocket: Are ya happy to see me and my big wad of dough?? Well, we sure are, Jimmy!! Now how 'bout a song, and a dance, to boot!!

Let's write a little ditty about Jim's deceptive Liberal libretto - how several months ago Jim, the deft dirty dancer, was solemnly lecturing us on the 'limitations' of Ontario's budget - in other words, the healthcare monopoly (which Jim's Liberal thugs run) can forget about having its deficit cleared!!

Yep - we see Jim Bradley's priorities - and Job #1 for Jim Bradley is buying himself another re-election. Jim Bradley "found" some $26 million for an unnecessary public arts centre, but couldn't find any money for his LHIN-constricted NHS. (the same NHS, btw, which previous health minister wanker Smitherman had accused - without specific evidence - of 'spending like drunken sailors').

Healthcare isn't Bradley's over-riding concern - and neither is Bradley willing to allow the ombudsman to investigate the MUSH sector, where all this arts centre crap began. It's interesting to see how a university can get a municipal council to become its proxy/front-man/partner in order to expropriate private property. Hey - no one gives a shit about that - certainly not Bradley, nor anti-port-tower mayor McFullofshit. Strangely, Jim Bradley and his Liberal government have made sure that no one can investigate whether Liberal vote-buying in the MUSH sector has led to government 'spending like drunken sailors' (eHealth anyone? Thanks, Smitherman)

Essentially, Jim Bradley stole $26 million from his health care monopoly to buy himself some votes with the arts centre... it's just another day at the office for Jim.

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