Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More McGuinty Tax Lies; Deb Matthews should resign

Premier Liar of Ontario, Liberal Dalton McGuinty, and his Grit Gang of Scumbags have done it again: pretending that Dalton's HST Sales Tax Money Grab will somehow be a benefit to businesses - but look at the rental housing industry, for example, where the HST will have to be swallowed by the landlord on expenses such as utilities which are included in a tenant's rent - see "Dalton McGuinty's pretend Economics" here:

"... Queen's Park applied pretend economics last week when it ruled that landlords would not be allowed to raise rents to recoup extra expenses they'll face when the Harmonized Sales Tax takes effect this summer. The tax will boost costs on utilities, maintenance, property management, renovations and other normal upkeep. Landlords estimate their bills will rise by about 5%, on top of inflation at about 2%. Since they're still not allowed to print their own money, they were hoping to offset some of the added expense via rent increases above the guidelines that tie them to the consumer price index (CPI).
No way, said Premier Dalton McGuinty. Rent increases might displease the 1.3 million Ontarians who have to pay them. So the government simply refused to let landlords make back their costs. The CPI guideline for this year is about 0.5%, and property owners will have to be happy with that

Scumbag Liberals such as McGuinty or MPP Jim Bradley had NEVER revealed that little detail previously, the FLICKING liars - it was all supposed to be tax sunshine and lollipops!

And the unwarranted attack on Ontario's pharmacies by a phonily-"outraged" Deb Matthews is beyond the pale - see here, where reader vsolnein commented:

"Shoppers Drug Mart has done nothing other than inform the public of the very real consequences of the proposed government regulations. The company may be an easy target in the PR wars, but ultimately patients will suffer as all pharmacies make adjustments to stay afloat. I am outraged that the minister of health is actually promoting a boycott of a specific company. This is perhaps the most egregious abuse of power I have seen from the McGuinty government. This time, her rhetoric has crossed the line. It is time for Deb Matthews to resign."

To "Pretend" - this is the standard method of operation for McGuinty's Liberal scumbag government - perpetrating pretensions, illusions, diversions, and deceptions: now pretending that our pharmacists are enemies, in the same way wackjob George Smitherman (who's now scarily pretending he's capable of being mayor of Toronto) pretended back in Nov.2005 that Ontario's optometrists were terrorists; pretending AGW climate-change is real, pretending windmills are a viable source of reliable power, pretending that Smitherman's sell-out Green Energy Act scam isn't one; pretending that patients aren't leaving Ontario for health care; pretending that the hated McGuinty/Smitherman/Sorbara Health Tax has alleviated (!) the problems of statist health monopolism... anything to divert our attention from the real problem, which is the incompetent Liberal regime ensconced at Queen's Park.

McGuinty's 'pretend' solutions are the REAL problem.

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