Monday, August 3, 2009

We need an inquiry into Helen Harris' death

Will Ontario's Coroner; or Niagara's Regional Officer of Health; or Liberal Health Minister David Caplan's own Ministry of Health; call for an investigation regarding the circumstances of the recent death of St. Catharines resident Helen Harris?

Ms. Harris' death was reported in a St. Catharines Standard news report on July 30, 2009. (See: Don't tell Mike Dukakis: Another patient sent to Buffalo from Ontario)

We must thoroughly examine the process and timing of how and why this patient was transported at some point to the United States for health care treatment.
What factors led to the patient being exported to the U.S.?
Which specific necessary health care services and facilities were not available to this patient in Ontario, when this patient needed them - and why?
Is this not a systemic problem, which is disturbingly common in Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty's single-payer health monopoly?

I have asked St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley on several occasions to provide specific figures as to the number of patients who are being exported from Ontario to the United States.

Secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has not bothered to reply.

Seeing as Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government has just helped close down ER's in South Niagara (...yes, you read that properly: it was McGuinty and his LIBERALS (not Conservatives) who eliminated emergency rooms in Niagara: Jim Bradley would like you to believe otherwise...)
...and, seeing that McGuinty's Liberals downplay any deficiencies in their health monopoly, isn't an investigation into the Niagara-centric specifics of Harris' situation called for?

If Canadian patients from St. Catharines (such as Harris, and others) have to be sent to the United States for certain health care; what is in store for patients from more remote South Niagara areas, in the same circumstance?
Where will similar patients from, say, Dunnville, be sent?
Is the health care in Niagara 'adequate', and, what does 'adequate' really mean?
Why are Ontarians being exported to the States for health care in the first place?

Will anyone bother to officially investigate Harris' death as a baseline exam for future comparative reference; as a preventative, cautionary tale; and as an autopsy of Liberal health promises?

Will the McGuinty Liberals be held liable for the preventable deaths occurring in their {no-patient-choice} health {monopoly} system?

Prior to the news of Harris' death, McGuinty's Liberals had recently finally revealed their response to the Shona Holmes' lawsuit - which, of course, also revolves around a patient going from Ontario to the United States for timely medical treatment.

Holmes fortunately survived.

We must inquire to see exactly what happened in Helen Harris' case, and why this Canadian patient ended up in a Buffalo, New York, hospital for health care.

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