Sunday, October 3, 2010

Will Jim Bradley answer the questions which George Smitherman ran away from?

Further to my previous post regarding the YouTube video of Toronto's mayoralty candidate George Smitherman running away from the woman who confronted him: although the Toronto Star and CTV and other media outlets reported the Sept.30, 2010 incident, there hasn't been much information about this woman or about her concerns.

The confrontation was mentioned by these sources - mainly, it seems, only AFTER the video was posted on You Tube!!!

Why aren't any of these media outlets chasing after details about what the woman was saying?

What exactly happenend to her father when Smitherman was McGuinty's health minister?

What did George Smitherman's Liberal health-care policies/deceptions have do with her father's death?

Smug Smitherman now is (or thinks he is) blameless and scot-free of any responsiblity of what happened under his terrible, ideological, incompetent reign as the health-scare minister of Ontario.

There was a pattern under Smitherman - a systemic cutting of health care - we saw it in the Niagara Health System (NHS), and in the other Smitherman-created disastrous LHIN's.

Some 500 Ontario patients died of C. difficile infection in Smitherman's state-controlled hospitals, yet there was NO public inquiry (see here; see here; see here).

That this happened in Smitherman's ideological single-payer health-monopoly - and was essentially buried - is criminal. (see here)

The Niagara Health System in St.Catharines had the third-highest patient-death rate in Canada, yet no Liberal - certainly not Smitherman - bothered to call ANY kind of inquiry.

Now Smitherman smugly walks away from the mess he cocked-up as McGuinty's health-care hack.

There is someone who that woman could perhaps contact, a person who was a McGuinty cabinet minister in 2005 (the year in which the lady's father died, though there's no info on what date); and, who was also McGuinty's minister Responsible for Seniors (from Jun.29, 2005 to 2007): that is St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, see here.

Bradley, Smitherman's monopolist, health-care-cutting colleague, is still in office - unlike Smitherman, who can freely walk away from the stink he left for others to deal with.

Doesn't Jim Bradley have an obligation and responsibility to look into this woman's concerns about the death of her father in 2005?

Was this not a seniors' issue?!

Or is this just another health-care "anomaly" for Jim, just another "anecdotal" patient-victim, not worthy of Jimmy's time?

Take a good look here at the rhetoric which an oh-so-concerned Jim Bradley was busy peddling about dying patients in 1998, when a smug Jimmy was in opposition!

Then look at how hypocrite Jim Bradley hid when patients were dying in his riding in 2008!!

When you read about Margaret Cowal's 2006 death in St.Catharines - see here; see here; and see here pg.79, where you can also read about the 2007 death of Pamela Radusin's mother in St.Catharines - ask yourself why Jim Bradley conveniently vanished from sight, giving no explanation for why his health monopoly failed these patients.

Will the St.Catharines Standard follow up on this woman's story and whether MPP Jim Bradley will assist with her concerns?! Will anyone in the Toronto media bother to follow up with this woman's concerns?

'Cuz ya know if this had happened under Harris' term in office, the Toronto Star and the St.Catharines Standard would be giddily hunting down any possible leads, day and night, to satisfy their anti-Harris narrative...

Boyle's Law tells us, though, that Bradley can't possibly be responsible - for anything.


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R.Bobak said...

Further to my post above:

The CBC carried this comment regarding its Oct.7, 2010 story "Smitherman linked to sole source contracts":

"Loloboo wrote: Posted 2010/10/11
at 3:57 PM ET

I am still waiting for a public inquiry into the death of my father Christopher Blue. I was one of the protesters who confronted Smitherman Sept 30, 2010 and he ran away and was not accountable. My father was threatened with $1500/day hospital charges in a publically funded hospital, we were denied access to medical records even though we had power of attorney for making medical decisions. Dad was critically ill, forcibly removed from Toronto General Hospital, in the cold January night, without coat or shoes. He was left on a stretcher in front of his house, unable to speak, and paralyzed. I phoned 911 and had dad taken to Sunnybrook where he was immediately admitted with a life-threatening condition. Within 1 week dad was on life support and dead. That was 6 years ago today thanks to Smitherman and McGuinty who promised to assist dad in getting help. Why hasn't this matter been investigated with all of the public outcry????
Smitherman ran away like a rat. Toronto do yourselves a favour and send this rat a message that his politics lack accountability and integrity. He caused my fathers death by his inaction and the doctors with their failing to provide the necessities of life. They should all be charged criminally and be forced to answer for their crimes which ended my fathers life.

Rest in Peace Dad Luv LB XO

Read more:"