Friday, October 1, 2010

Smitherman runs like a chicken

Nice YouTube video here of George Smitherman being confronted (see here, here) by a woman yesterday (Thursday) with questions pertaining to Smitherman's role as health minister.

How fitting for Smitty: as a smug Dalton McGuinty had walked away from cancer patient Mike Brady in 2007...

[see my post here; see McGuinty walking away here]

... now Smitherman is following in his hero McGuinty's footsteps: Smitherman also just slithered away from the woman. "Walk away... you walked away as health minister, now you're walking away again" she said after him.

Seems like Smitherman's incompetent reign (see here, for starters) as McGuinty's trusty ideological ole monopoly-pushing health minister might finally be percolating through to Toronto voters.

Slippery George was probably just itching to tell her to f#ck off, though, as he had to that Rossi campaign worker earlier... good thing he ran away before it got any uglier - for him!

Run Smitty, run - but you can't hide from your sorry record as a Liberal McGuinty health-care hack.

Smitherman didn't even need to coerce some lackey to don a chicken suit: this time Smitherman WAS the chicken.

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