Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glen Murray: typical Liberal bigot

Karen Howlett reported in "Ontario minister accuses mayor-elect Rob ford of bigotry" (Globe and Mail, Oct.26, 2010):

"A provincial Liberal cabinet minister is coming under fire for a tweet accusing Toronto's new mayor Rob Ford, Ontario Opposition Leader Tim Hudak and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of bigotry.

Glen Murray, the minister of research and innovation and a former Winnipeg mayor, wrote in a post on his Twitter account on the weekend that “If u vote Ford u r voting for bigotry.”

He also repeated a message from another user that said “ford hudak and harper - the trifecta of republican-style, right wing ignorance and bigotry.”

In the legislature today, Mr. Hudak called the comment libellous and demanded Premier Dalton McGuinty get Mr. Murray — who wasn't there — to apologize.

Mr. McGuinty didn't say whether he would ask Mr. Murray for an apology, saying politics can get heated. The premier added that he's not going to assign blame to someone for commentary that they regret in hindsight.

Mr. McGuinty didn't appear worried about the spectre of the Liberal stronghold in the GTA crumbling next October, as some experts are predicting in the wake of Mr. Ford's victory.

Instead, he turned up the bland today, saying “we will not allow political stripes to get in the way of progress,” and that “when it comes to elections, people are never wrong.”

Many experts had predicted that a Ford victory could herald Conservative inroads in Liberal-dominated Toronto and across Ontario in future federal or provincial elections.

“It could be a beachhead for a resurgence of Conservative party support in some parts of the city of Toronto, especially some of the inner suburbs of Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough,” Myer Siemiatycki, a politics professor at Ryerson University, told The Canadian Press.

“I think he (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) is probably thinking: ‘There may be scope for me in Toronto. There may be hope for a Conservative foothold or breakthrough in Toronto'," Mr. Siemiatycki said.

But the Ford victory in Toronto was not matched by other conservative or right-wing candidates in other parts of Ontario. In fact, Liberals and left-leaning candidates won several key mayoral races, including Ottawa, Hamilton, London and Vaughan.

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath also played down the shift to the hard right in Canada's largest city, saying: “This race really was more about people wanting to see some change.”"

Hahahaha... isn't Glen Murray playing the Liberal bigot?! Anyone who was at Ford's victory party would have seen the massive cultural diversity of Ford's support base.
Obviously, Glen Murray's just practising the smarmy rhetoric and elitism which McGuintyites are known for; Glenny probably agrees with Frank Grave's advice for divisive Liberal tactics. [ie, Ford: baaaaad! Slitherman: Goooood! eHealth: goooooood! Harris: baaaaad! Remember how St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley loved sliming Alberta's Ralph Klein?!]
A vote for Glen Murray - or Kim Craitor, or Jim Bradley, or any of Dalton McGuinty's Liberal hacks - is a vote for a Liberal government of congenital liars.
ps - by 5:00pm the Globe updated that Murray had apologized for his twitty tweet: "“I do not believe Rob Ford or Stephen Harper or Tim Hudak are bigots,” Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation, said in a written statement Tuesday afternoon. “I regret tweeting a message that said otherwise, and am sorry that I did.”"
Good for him - but many Liberals won't share Glen's change of heart. They will continue to propagate the conflated leap that Glen instinctively made: 'Conservatives: baaaad bigots!! Dumb!! Liberals: progressive... Smart!!!'
But Glen does realize that McGuinty's Liberal government - the one he's in - has lied its way since 2003? That fact hasn't changed.

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