Friday, October 1, 2010

Rising electricity prices? What's McGuinty got to do with THAT?!

Hah... ha... haha... haaaaaaa...
The St.Catharines Standard front page story ("Shock for hydro users", Oct.1, 2010) is shocked - SHOCKED, I tell you! - about electricity price increases!
Yet what ISN'T shocking, however, is that no Liberals were mentioned in Don Fraser's oh, so shocking story! That's right - NOTHING from local Liberal hack Jim Bradley, nor his doofus doppelganger Kim Craitor!
Incredible, ain't it?!! Where's ANY comment from ANY Liberal?!?!
Apparently, NO LIBERAL (according to the logical extrapolation of the infamous Boyle law) can be blamed for their own massive incompetence in the energy sector - or anywhere else in Ontario!!
And sadly, protecting Liberals from uncomfortable controversy is the St.Catharines Standard's metier - very predictable.... and sickening.
Yep , the McGuinty Liberal government's green energy disaster - brought to you courtesy of your local vote for Jim Bradley - ain't even mentioned!! George Smitherman's role in FLICKING up the energy sector - just after he FLICKED up the health care sector! - of Ontario's economy isn't even mentioned in Fraser's story!!
[What IS shocking is that the Standard didn't find someone to STILL BLAME HARRIS!!!!]
And, the Standard found the Blue Mermaid guy, who actually said that the "government is letting the utilities get away with everything"!!
Yet the Jim Bradley Fan Club over at the St.Catharines Standard couldn't be bothered to analyze and present for readers 'everything' that 'the government's' energy ministers (Dwight Duncan, Brad Duguid, and George Smitherman) 'got away with' during the last seven years of McGuinty's Liberal majority rule, which led to these energy price increases! ... oh, we can't talk about THAT... it could look bad on Jimmy, soooo......

'Oh, if ONLY the government would do something to protect us': perfect sentiment for Fraser's story; perfect example of Boyle's Law! ... Oh... please... help us Jim Bradley!! Somehow, electricity prices have gone up!! We don't know how this happened!! Save us, Jim!!

Talk about asking the DISEASE to help you with the cure!!

The St.Catharines Standard should now carry a WARNING LABEL on their LiberalFriendlyTM stories:

"In order to protect them from culpablility and political harm, no Liberals were mentioned in this report. We assure our readers that no Liberals were harmed by our spin of this story."

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