Friday, October 1, 2010

Who's diagnosing George Smitherman?!

As 680 News' John Stall reported on Oct.1, 2010 :

"Rob Ford's health came under scrutiny during a debate Thursday night after a doctor from the audience questioned the mayoral candidate's weight.

Dr. Marvin Kay stood up and said to Ford, "I'm a physician and I look upon you as a possible patient. I'm concerned about your weight. Do you think you'll be able to handle the entire four-year term?"

The retired physician explained to 680News political affairs specialist John Stall Friday why Ford's weight may become a problem.

"He was sweating quite a bit. Several times he picked up a towel or a napkin to wipe his forehead," Dr. Kay said.

"And what does that indicate to you as a physician?," asked Stall.

"His weight could become a problem," replied the doctor.

"In what way?," Stall questioned.

"Heart attack or stroke," Dr. Kay stated.

The doctor was asked by 680News if he was planted to ask the question by any of Ford's opponents. His answer: absolutely not.

At the debate, the Toronto Star reported the jaws of the other candidates dropped and the audience went silent when the question was raised.

Ford replied that he needs to lose a few pounds, but assured the room that his doctor has given him a clean bill of health.

He was agitated by the question and told the doctor he was offended, and added he thought that kind of thing would come only from his opponents.

The candidates were debating at the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute."

McGuinty's wonderful health-care system is SO great, isn't it?
Doctors give a FREE diagnosis - in public - WITHOUT EVEN BEING ASKED!!
Marvin Kay - really... this guy is, or was, a real doctor?! He's certainly an ass. Where and what did Kay practise?
Why didn't Kay also concern himself with, oh, say, George Smitherman's 'health issues' as they relate to his competency for office?
Does George Smitherman ever sweat, Dr. Kay?! Yes, or, no?
And what, pray tell, does this then "indicate" to you about Smitherman's health?!
Does Smitherman's past admitted drug use "indicate" anything to you, Dr.Kay?
What about Smitherman's admitted sexual orientation - does this "indicate" anything about George Smitherman's potential to 'become one of your patients' ??!!
How about George's "furious" propensity to mouth off and swear at people... does that "indicate" anything to you?!
Unf#cking believable.
What a quack. Hope Kay doesn't send a bill for his phony "diagnosis" to OHIP. Deb Matthews should look into that!
Hey - why didn't Kay ask George Smitherman about the time in 2004 when Smitherman, then McGuinty's incompetent health minister, along with St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, proudly denied LifeLine Screening Clinic of Cleveland to bring portable preventative heart diagnostics to Ontario; when Smitherman went ballistic, ridiculously deputizing Ontarians to stop them at the border?! (see: here pg.44-45, and here, and here, and here and here!)
Kay could have also asked Smitherman how many people in Ontario LifeLine's diagnostics might have helped, at no cost to Ontario's treasury.
Kay could have also asked Smitherman how many Ontarians would have benefited from this health care option to assess their heart health - which Smitherman killed off, for no reason other than his ideological Liberal devotion to statist health-care monopolism?
In other words, Kay could have asked how many Ontarians were killed because of Smitherman's political desire to control their health care.
Yep - the story of George Smitherman, of Liberal health-care despotism, and of heart-health, coalesced before the ENTIRE TORONTO MEDIA - and yet no-one dared to ask Smitherman about HIS role in denying health-care choices to Ontarians.
Certainly not the good doctor.

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