Monday, October 25, 2010

Smitherman down and out; McGuinty next

Now that the disgusting Liberal, George Smitherman, has had his ass creamed but good in Toronto's mayoralty race, next to go should be Smitherman's Liberal buddy and political hero, Dalton McGuinty, along with his Liberal gang at Queen's Park.
The stench that hung around Smitherman was - and still is - the exact same odour which wafts from every Ontario Liberal MPP's office.
Toronto's disgust with Pink David Miller was palpable, and Smitherman's putrid performance as McGuinty's loyal bootlick wasn't lost on the electorate, although sadly, some 36% nevertheless voted for Slitherman. Smitherman's well-deserved loss doesn't mean that Dalton McGuinty is now somehow off the hook during the next provincial election: McGuinty and his gang of Liberal liars will have to answer the same questions which had been put to Smitherman - and more. And being a Liberal asshole didn't help Smitty a bit. So unless McGuinty starts apologizing and changing his arrogant ways real soon, McGuinty too will be doing a Smitherman next year.

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