Monday, October 18, 2010

I am curious, George

Here's what Toronto mayoral hopeful George Smitherman doesn't want any Torontonians asking him about: see Secretive Liberals hide from C. diff accountability.
You can rest assured that George Smitherman's friends at the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, and the CBC will ignore dredging up George's incompetent role as some 500 Ontario patients died of C. difficile infection under his despotic rule, while Smitherman and McGuinty refused to call a public inquiry.
[Locally, the St.Catharines Standard similarly can't bring itself to send any reporters to ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about these patient deaths in the McGuinty government's health care monopoly - it's just best not to talk about it, after all... it's best just to ask Jim Bradley nice, safe questions, preferably kissy-ass questions which demonstrate how wise and great and munificent McGuinty's Liberals - including, of course, George Smitherman - are.]
HEY - let's write about HARRIS instead!! YAY: that's the ticket!!!! Like Jim Bradley, Smitherman loved doing that old trick : 'it's all Harris' fault, y'see: Harris, Harris, Harris'!!!! Why, Smitherman's hero, Dalton McGuinty, is STILL blaming Harris - almost a decade after Harris was premier!!
McGuinty's current Liberal health minister, Deb Matthews, just endorsed George Smitherman: how sickening is that? Yep, Ole Smitty was a f*#king disaster in Ontario, so, he's good enough for Toronto!
As disastrous as his multi-billion-dollar eHealth and Green Bolshevik Energy fiascoes were, George Smitherman should be in jail for playing politics with health care, forcing patients into his ideologically-based single-payer health-monopoly while at the same time underfunding and cutting services; and also at the same time making it illegal for patients to obtain their health care privately.

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