Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile - second miner rescued, video

At 12:10 am (EST) on Oct.13, 2010, Mario Sepulveda, the second Chilean miner to be rescued, reached the surface. He could be heard hooting and hollering with exuberant joy from within the rescue shaft even before his capsule emerged from the earth. After kissing his wife and hugging other rescuers and officials (handing them souvenir rocks from his backpack) he went over to his fellow workers at the sidelines and led them in a spontaneous cheer!
Let us hope that each of the rescues still to follow will be just as successful.

CBS is carrying the feed live. Above, the scene as Mario Sepulveda arrives back up to the earth's surface.

A third miner, Juan Illanes, has successfully emerged at 1:07 am.

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