Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Help save Toronto - from Smitherman!! It's not too late to STILL vote for Sarah Thompson!!

Sue Ann levy wrote in "Sarah Thompson, easy lover" (Toronto Sun, Oct.5, 2010):

"Eleven months ago - on the very day George Smitherman declared he was running for mayor - Sarah Thomson posted a pointedly nasty commentary on her Women’s Post blog of why he was not up to the job.

Labelling him a “completely irresponsible, corrupt, boondoggle of a career politician,” Thomson contended he was the man responsible for “most of the transgressions” that have come to light in the eHealth “corruption” controversy.

But her blog post - full of contempt for Smitherman - didn’t stop there.

She said in the 30 years he’s been in politics, he’s learned how to “manipulate, trick and pull the wool over” voters’ eyes.

To add insult to injury, Thomson laces her post with a slur bordering on homophobic.

She indicates Smitherman is “falming mad” about the idea he can’t get the respect he deserves at Queen’s Park.

Falming, according to a dictionary definition, refers to the “most flamboyant and outrageous a homosexual person can be.”

Thomson, who also hinted in that same blog her intentions to run for mayor, threw her hat into the ring on Jan. 25 of this year.

But that was then. This is now.

Last Monday, she officially dropped out of the race, throwing her support behind Smitherman in an effort to stop Rob Ford from winning on Oct. 25.

But that wasn’t enough for the former mayoralty candidate, who appears to have very much enjoyed her time in the spotlight and has no intention of giving that up.

She has been actively campaigning with the Smitherman team - proudly announcing her involvement on Facebook and on Twitter - and sat, surrounded by Smitherman supporters, zealously tweeting how wonderfully her man performed at the CITY-TV debate Sunday night.

When reached Monday afternoon, Thomson at first couldn’t remember writing the blog - she claimed “a lot has happened since” - but later conceded she’d “probably” written it because it was on the Women’s Post website.

Asked what had changed since last November, she said she’s been campaigning alongside the guy for eight months and has “really learned” about him.

She said she had the opportunity to really look into “the truth behind” eHealth and has had a “tough time” criticizing Smitherman about it.

“You realize that believing what the press writes is not always the right thing ... you learn about the press and how they will twist your words,” she said.

“Over the last nine months he’s earned my respect,” Thomson added, claiming she probably meant to say “flaming mad” instead of “falming mad.”

When I pointed out she’s part of the press that allegedly “twist” one’s words, she said she’s “just as guilty” for writing things about eHealth before doing her research.

Thomson insisted she has not made a deal with Smitherman - that she just feels Toronto would be “severely hurt” by a mayor like Ford.

Renovator Joseph Bucca, who first found the blog on the Women’s Post website, said it has now disappeared.

He calls Thomson’s sudden support of the man she so harshly lambasted last November “hypocritical.”

“It really shows what these people are all about,” said Bucca, who feels she definitely made a deal with the Smitherman camp.

I agree 100%.

I suspect Thomson - now addicted to the political limelight - has set her sights on something.

A safe Liberal riding in the 2011 provincial election perhaps?

A cozy sinecure on some city board should Smitherman win on Oct. 25?

Adrienne Batra, spokesperson for Rob Ford, called it “suspicious” when the one of the “most damning indictments” of Smitherman’s tenure as health minister has suddenly been removed from the Women’s Post website.

“It raises questions about what he promised Ms. Thomson for her support,” she said.

Rocco Rossi said Smitherman and Thomson look like a perfect match.

“They belong together,” he said."

Sarah Thompson's sickening flip-flopping endorsement of Slippery George reeks of hypocrisy: so, Sarah, were ya lyin' THEN, or ya lyin' NOW?! Sarah's new epiphany about Georgie says much more about her, then about anything else.

Sarah Thompson is now drinking McGuinty's and Smitherman's infected bathwater, also telling us that eHealth was a success!!! Yeah, Smitherman's eHealth pile of crap - which he left steaming to explode in David Caplan's face - was such a "success", that Caplan WAS FIRED... instead of Smitherman!! Boyle's Law (you can't blame Liberals for anything) is at work again, weaving its soothing Liberal magical spell on Sarah: 'Smitty's innocent, I tells ya... he's got nuttin' to do wid it... wid ANY of it... nuttin'. . .

Smitherman and McGuinty also 'successfully' prevented having a public inquiry when almost 500 Ontario patients died of C. dif infection in 2007-2008. Maybe Sarah can pretend that never happened, either. Or anything McGuinty and his bagboy Smitherman did as noted here, or here.

Since Smitherman-sycophant-Sarah is still on the ballot, Torontonians might as well VOTE for her... now...!!

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