Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dalton "Flipper" McGuinty

Oakville celebrates as Dalton McGuinty - the peoples' premier (cough) - saves their community from the careless Ontario government which didn't listen and which wanted to put a gas-energy plant in their neighbourhood. That government insisted that the electricity from this power plant was desperately needed, and that it was a safe location, and that they would not be swayed by the local NIMBY's. Yes - Dalton McGuinty - King amongst mortals - stood up against that Ontario government and decreed: Enough... I command thee to withdraw... and so it was. The community of Liberal Oakville will now joyously vote for Dalton McGuinty, their communal saviour. What's that? ...McGuinty IS the government?? but...

Wasn't McGuinty in favour of the Oakville gas plant, back in 2009?! Didn't Dalton just flip-flop - again - for the thousandth time since 2003?!! This Liberal liar has done so many political back-flips he could get his own act at Sea World.

Was McGuinty smugly lying then - when he was ALL FOR IT in 2009; or is Dalton lying now, when he's ALL AGAINST IT, in 2010?!?!

And what about George Smitherman, the incompetent McGuintyite who ruined healthcare in Ontario - no word yet from Ole Smitty about HIS direct role in this Oakville energy fiasco!!

How much is the cancellation of this energy-contract - which Energy Minister George Smitherman had announced with great fanfare only back in Sept.2009! - going to cost Ontarians?! Will we know before the next election? Will that weasel Brad Duguid tell us? Will we be adding still more to Smitherman's FLICKING waste of a billion dollars at eHealth, and of Smitherman's 250 million dollars wasted on the LHIN bureaucracy? Count on it.

Smitherman just leaves a stinking wretched Liberal mess of a wake where ever he goes. Don't worry though, Boyle's Law will ensure that Smitherman can't be held responsible for anything: Smitty had nuttin' ta do wid it... wid any of it (!)... and the Liberals - bless their bleeding hearts - saved Oakville from doom.

It all makes sense, somehow: "Help! Please save us from the Liberals... oh, thank-you, thank-you Mr.McGuinty - for saving us from the government!!"

See now: it does makes sense! The Great Lying McGuinty is buying himself an election seat, and we're paying.

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