Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fibber McGrit: Champion of Ontario's bleak healthcare status-quo

Peter Gill wrote in the St.Catharines Standard Feedback, Sept.21, 2007: "I get the impression that you want us to vote NDP in this election. We had an NDP government once and what a disaster that was, their best supporter Peter Kormos was kicked out of cabinet. Even their leader, Bob Rae went Liberal. We are about to get a brand new medical facility, in this city, championed by Jim Bradley. My mother is at Upper Canada Lodge, a wonderfull home in Niagara on the Lake, great staff, facilities and food ( today she was taken by bus to a restaurant with a group from the home).You paint this bleak picture that requires tonnes of more unionized workers to improve our current situation. I don't think so, things are pretty good in Ontario. If your not sure move to the states, but take lots of money with you, you'll need it. "

P. Gill, thank-you for your comment, but: "vote NDP"?! Now that is funny! The consensus is they were a disaster. The “bleak picture” of Ontario healthcare has been painted, over the last four years, by none other than the hypocrites of the Liberal party. “Things are pretty good in Ontario?” Well, if Aucoin’s (non)treatment by the government isn’t enough to make us sick, or the ironic example of Liberal MP Belinda Stronach leaving Ontario for treatment in California, why not take a moment to read up on what our bleak Liberal government-run health monopoly did to Lindsay McCreith – our healthcare system almost killed him. That’s why he has launched a constitutional challenge in Ontario’s Supreme Court. During this 2007 election, why not take the opportunity to ask why local MPP Jim Bradley’s Liberal health system denied funding to St. Catharines resident Margaret Cowal, who died on the Liberal’s bleak healthcare waiting-list. (St. Catharines Standard, Oct.5, 2006). The Liberal-run system denied Cowal treatment, while also denying her the right to provide for her own insurance – a politicized situation, which is patently hypocritical and unfair to any individual patient in our bleak monopoly system. How about asking why the Liberal's supposedly-universal system denied funding to Andrew Lanese, which the St. Catharines Standard wrote about on Aug.4, 2007? Or why not ask Liberal Health Minister George Smitherman why Ontario sends our burn victims to the States? Take a moment to read the shockingly bleak story (Saskatoon Phoenix-Star, Jun.2, 2007) of burn victim Charlie Godden from Campbellford, Ont., who was flown from Ontario to Rochester, N.Y. because there were NO burn units available in Smitherman’s health-scare system! Not all Ontario patients have had the timely care that was inherently promised them by our single-payer medicare system. Let’s not pretend, though, that all is rosy in St. Catharines, or in Ontario, for that matter, because Jim Bradley finally “championed” (!) for a hospital after 30 long years in office. Now, how long will it take, and how many more patients have to suffer, before it actually gets built? And when we talk about “lots of money”, during the Sept.20, 2007 televised leader’s debate, a shifty-eyed Dalton McGuinty said half of Ontario’s entire budget is now spent on healthcare; yet, Ontario patients are still either being denied funding or being shuffled off to Buffalo and beyond for healthcare that McGuinty's sicko system can’t provide. So how many billion-dollars of more phony ‘tax/premiums/oh, look, we have a surplus!’ shenanigans will we have to endure if ole Fibber McGrit gets re-elected? What’s really bleak is an underlying Canadian chauvinism that thinks nothing of marginalizing the rights of patients if there’s a chance that the U.S. can possibly be smeared in the process. Many Ontario patients are thankful that the U.S. health system was there for them when they needed it, but it’s not Americans – it’s the Liberals which are our problem.

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