Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why should we believe McGuinty's Liberals during Fibber-Palooza 2007?

Dalton McGuinty promised in 2003 to hire 8000 nurses, telling them: “We’re going to give you full-time work; and we’re going to give you respect.” (Ottawa Citizen, Sept.21, 2003) McGuinty did neither, but is now running a commercial showing him in an empty arena blaming Harris, when in fact the empty arena seats ironically demonstrate how many nurses Dalton himself failed to hire! And now, he’s promising 9,000 more, over the ones that haven’t materialized from his last fib-fest.

Wouldn’t the money which the Grits pointlessly spent in 2006 on: re-branding Ontario’s ‘trillium’ and the Lottery Corp. logos (how much did the Liberals pay to remove the ‘C’ from ‘OLGC’?); or on misleading TV commercials; or on lawyers battling the parents of autistic children; or on their 2007 puerile “FLICK OFF” campaign, have been better spent on, say…patients??

The Toronto Star (Dec.4, 1995) wrote: “As Liberal MPP Jim Bradley observed rather profoundly in the legislature, governments can be judged best by what they do in private. Put another way, it is what governments try to do covertly that speaks to us about their integrity and respect for voters.”

Wasn’t Bill 36, the draconian LHINS health legislation, a clandestine power-grab by the majority Liberals? Were the Liberals trustworthy when they were found by Ontario’s Auditor Jim McCarter to have been disingenuous with their wait-time claims? How much "integrity" did Liberals show when they were found by ombudsman Andre Marin to have mis-treated cancer patients? How shocking is it when this same pesky ombudsman revealed that the Liberal government is circumventing the ombudsman’s office and squandering tax dollars by hiring outsiders to investigate public complaints, because it wants to maintain control over the investigations? (National Post, Jun.21,2007)

When the Harris government introduced a budget at an auto-parts plant in 2003, Bradley whined that it was “illegitimate”, calling it “unprecedented arrogance on the part of the government.” Wasn’t it “unprecedented arrogance” for Bradley’s covert Liberals to hide their scandalous $32 million grant-giveaway from the opposition and the taxpaying public? How ‘legitimate’ is it for Bradley’s Liberals to give tax money away with absolutely no controls in place? What kind of "respect for voters" was that?

“Talk is cheap,” McGuinty smugly lectured Ernie Eves regarding closing coal-fired plants. Yet, from 2003 to 2007, it was McGuinty’s cheap-talking Liberals who didn’t deliver what they falsely promised.

Bradley may have seemed “profound” in the Star’s eyes in 1995 (that was, of course, well before Bradley’s Liberals cut coverage for eye-tests); but by 2007, his Liberals have become morbidly duplicitous. Jim Bradley called Premier Mike Harris “a liar” in the Legislature (Windsor Star, Dec.8, 1995), and told NDP house leader Dave Cooke “I wish I could call you a liar” (Ottawa Citizen, Dec.19, 1991) But, were the myriad of campaign promises made by Bradley’s Liberals actually worth anything, or, were they just outright, bald-faced lies?

And if Liberals couldn’t deliver what they promised in 2003, why should anyone believe them during Fibber-Palooza 2007??

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