Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hypocrite Liberal McGuinty coyly avoids issue of bibles in public schools!

So McGuinty's Liberal hypocrites - the same ones who claimed faith-based schooling was divisive to society! - have suddenly become silent on the issue of bibles in public schools!!
This (not healthcare!) was the McGuinty Liberals' Number One issue in the 2007 Ontario election!!
But don't worry, though, folks  -  rest assured that the Bradley-Brown-Nosers at the St.Catharines Standard will not be asking Liberal hypocrite MPP Jim Bradley for a comment!
It might might make Ole Jimmy's Liberals  look bad!

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CheeMiss said...

What? McGuinty actually refusing to get involved?
Woah, must be an election coming up. hahahah.
McGuinty has proclaimed himself as the Leader of Education (cell phones in class rooms, explicate sex education to 6 yr. olds, no chocolate milk, day care etc.) and now he has no comment!
If the unthinkable should happen & he gets re-elected, watch how fast he steps up to the plate and make an issue about bibles in schools. You just can't trust this jerk on any level or topic.