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McGuinty wastes millions while patients wait for emergency care: local Liberal Jim Bradley hides from comment

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Julie Pateman wrote in "Our health-care system is shameful" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.8, 2011):

"Re: ER back-ups causing longer wait times (Jan. 28).
I read this article about the child who waited 812/hours to see a doctor in the emergency room. I also had to wait to see a doctor. I went to the ER with excruciating stomach and back pain. I was in such bad shape I had to ask the nurse if I could lie down. I got a bed in the ER and was left alone for six hours. No one came to check on me to see how I was doing.
By this time I was vomiting and writhing in pain. After the six-hour wait, the doctor finally came. I was admitted to the hospital and scheduled for surgery the next morning. They had to remove my gall bladder which was gangrened.
I have been at the ER and the urgent Care Clinic, and at both places I waited more than four hours to see a doctor. What is wrong with our health-care system when it takes so long to see a doctor, even when your case is urgent?"

So: what does Niagara's local Liberal monopoly-pushing-hack, Jim Bradley have to say about this?!

Jim Bradley and his Liberals control Ontario's health care system - yet Jimmy is shamefully and mysteriously nowhere to be found to explain why his state-run health-care monopoly keeps on failing!

Where is Jim Bradley, or that other pompous windbag Deb Matthews, to publicly answer Pateman's questions? (...and did the St.Catharines Standard ever contact their best friend Liberal Jim Bradley, for a comment?!? answer: NO)
Will Bradley dismiss Pateman as just another anomaly, another anecdote, another minor, inconsequential hiccup, in the Grand Scheme of Socialist Health Care?

Wait till you get Bradley's and Kim Craitor's and Dalton McGuinty's latest apologist piece from the Liberal Department of Propaganda: their green energy / Liberal election brochure, which has been paid for by a million of our tax-payer dollars!

Yep: Jimmy just happens to have millions lying around for arts centres and for his Liberal green energy lies - but don't bother Good Ole Jimmy about emergency room wait-times!! Billions more wasted on green scams while patients sit waiting and dying in Ontario's under-funded Liberal-controlled health monopoly!!

And not a FLICKING WORD from local Liberal scumbag Jim Bradley.

And can't you just wait for all the other treats which Bradley's Liberals will be, ah, "giving" us before Oct.6? There will suddenly be cash for everything - even cash to 'FIX' health-care!! Huh, ya ask? Yep: the Liberals will position themselves as the saviours of "health-care" - as if these very same Liberals had... umm... nothing to do with the problems during the last seven years! {so: Vote Jim!! hahahahahahaheeheeheehahahahah! Jimmy'l fixit!!}

The McGuinty/Smitherman greenie energy fiasco which was foisted by the Liberals onto Ontario is glibly rationalized in their partisan Liberal mail-out. Here's what McGuinty is hiding, and won't tell us in his laughable "brochure", see: here; here; here; here.

Lying about his fake green jobs and fake green economy and his fake green electricity price "cuts"! Proudly touting his "10%" rebate - on a 46% INCREASE - and glibly hoping nobody sees the obvious scam!!

If the Liberals just change some of the words and detail in this GreenFear-propaganda, this brochure can easily become a template for a McGuinty health-care propaganda brochure as well, telling us how great health care is in Liberal-run McGuintystan { other words, the spin would be that tax-paying patients - such as Pateman - and NOT McGuinty's Liberals - are the liars!}
It's probably already in the works.

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R.Bobak said...

See the Feb.25, 2013 Toronto Star report, where Ontario's Liberal health minister Matthews says that she is OK with closing hospitals in Ontario: