Friday, February 25, 2011

Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley: Liberal apologists for the oil barons!

below: gas in St.Catharines was selling at $1.23 per litre. Several days ago it was $1.09.
So now McGuinty sez that his Liberals won't regulate gasoline prices!
Oh, how times have changed!
This is the exact opposite of what McGuinty and his loyal Liberal hacks such as Jim Bradley were saying while they were  in opposition!
Back then, Liberal millionaire Jim Bradley shrieked incessantly about gasoline "price-fixing" and gas "gouging"! (You do remember that, doncha, Jim?!!) The local press cheered Bradley as he railed against Harris!!
Jim Bradley smugly insisted - while safely in opposition - that gasoline price control was a provincial matter!!! But now...  [!!!]  ...where's Jimmy?!
Back then, Jim Bradley bellowed with feigned outrage at how Harris was an "apologist for the oil barons"!!!
But now... heh heh ...Jimmy's nowhere to be seen!! And you can bet that no-one from the St.Catharines Standard's Bradley Asslick Society will bother to ask their Liberal buddy about his past lies!!
As I wrote in 2007:
"Ten years ago, a smug “veteran Liberal MPP” we know as good ole Jim Bradley, was saying a lot of things.
[Even the Sault Star was helpfully providing pointless innuendo, editorializing about then (Conservative)tourism minister Bill Saunderson being “a self-made millionaire”. (What was the point of that? Of what flicking relevance is that?) Surely, now with over 30 years in political life, Jim Bradley has also earned a million dollars, and enjoys the special-status of an unlocked pension. Oh, and yes, it was ‘self-made’, in the sense that it came out of our tax pockets. What business has Jim Bradley ever been in?]
So, what is our wealthy Liberal Jim Bradley doing about gas prices today, in 2007?
The price at the pumps went up five cents overnight, from a buck a litre (Dec.12, 2007) to $1.05 (Dec. 13, 2007). Is Jim Bradley talking to his “corporate pals” today?..Is Jim Bradley tabling predatory pricing laws? Setting up inquries? Does Jim Bradley, now the transportation minister, have anything to say about greedy oil companies, and price-fixing and price-gouging and oil-barons, today?
Who’s the apologist for the big oil bosses now, Mr. Bradley?
Bradley once accused then premier Mike Harris: “He has made a lot of noise. He huffs and puffs and he blusters, but he simply does nothing.” (Hamilton Spectator, Oct.15, 1997). Sounds like Jim Bradley was actually describing himself. It was a lot of bluster even then, but it's outright B.S. now."

Jim Bradley's fraudulent Liberals were as full of shit then as they are now. It takes a while for voters to see the long-con that is the McGuinty Liberal government.

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Michael said...

It's time that Ontario learn it's lesson already and stop voting corruption - stop voting LIBERAL!