Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Liberal liar's dilemma: McGuinty is scheming to con Ontarians again!

So here is the Toronto Star writing of Dalton McGuinty's terrible plight, fretting about how his poor, misunderstood Liberals can talk you into voting for them again:
"The premier insists leadership is about doing the right thing even if it’s unpopular and hard to understand — and this has left him trailing in the polls after seven years in office. But is time running out to make his case before Ontarians cast their ballots in eight months?
“It’s a real challenge. How do you tell a seven-year story to people who lead hectic, just-in-time lives?” McGuinty mused. “It’s hard to tell a seven-year story in a seven-second sound bite.”
As if on cue, local Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod popped up at the end of his news conference to mock McGuinty’s inability to master short clips: “I can. It’s higher taxes, it’s higher hydro rates and it’s higher unemployment. Okay, seven seconds - I was able to sum up seven years in office.”


We can also sum up Dalton McGuinty's Liberals quite succinctly in less than TWO seconds: "Lying scumbags". There.

But if you've got the time ...[oh, I dunno... seven days??!]... you can also read about Dalton McGuinty's serial lies in the hundreds of "Liberal healthcare duplicity" links below. You can see in painful detail how the Liberals spin the SAME OLD LIES, year after pathetic year. Now McGuinty - lying reptile that he is - wants us to TRUST HIM?!?

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