Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cancer surgeries delayed in St. Catharines - Liberal Jim Bradley vanishes

S. Feor wrote in "Bed shortages and wait lists threaten lives", (St. Catharines Standard, Jun.16, 2009):

"My husband was scheduled for bladder cancer surgery at St. Catharines General Hospital on June 9. His doctor has operating room privileges only one day per month, and he waited three months for the date.

One hour before his operation, he was told that his surgery was cancelled due to a bed shortage, and has now been rescheduled to August. The Niagara Health System has just closed 16 beds. I'm sure my husband isn't the only one this has happened to, and he won't be the last.

My concern is for his quality of life while waiting for the surgery. My concern is, how long does it take for untreated cancer to spread?

They say that early detection means early cure. What is the point of knowing you have treatable cancer, only to find out that you have to wait for months for lifesaving surgery, just because NHS has decided to close more hospital beds?

Must we wait for the new hospital to be built? Will the new hospital eliminate cancellations from happening? Probably not. Is it the building or administration?"


Well, there's another letter that ignorant St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley will ignore. Cancelled cancer surgeries, health care wait lists, bed closures, postponements ... yes, this is a Liberal-run health care monopoly at "work".
Patients, trapped in an ideological Liberal no-patient-choice health monopoly, are worrying and waiting while Bradley and his Liberals continue to pander to the single-payer medicare crowd's skewed socialist sense of entitlement.

Let's get it clear that reason why the NHS closed beds was because McGuinty's Liberals directed them to do so!! Jim Bradley's dirty, duplicitous Liberal ideology is all over this situation.
Just several days earlier, on Jun.12, 2009, the St. Catharines Standard carried another story "EMS requires budget hike: report", wherein writer Matthew Van Dongen reported:

"The cash-strapped Niagara Health System decided late last year to convert hospitals in Port Colborne and Fort Erie to urgent care centres as part of its hospital improvement plan, despite vocal local opposition."

(Turns out that Niagara's EMS ambulance services are asking for another $3 million, in order to get patients to the remaining Niagara emergency wards - and this might have to come out of the regional coffers! Talk about how health care monopolists stealthily download health care costs! Don't tell Michael Moore how sicko and duplicitous single-payer health care is!)

Noteworthy, though, is Van Dongen's phrase "cash-strapped Niagara Health System".

Did Van Dongen bother to explain why the NHS is "cash-strapped"?
Did Van Dongen - or his editors - bother to ask how it is, that a health-care monopoly - controlled by Ontario's single-payer-pushing Liberals - can possibly be "cash strapped"??!!
How can that even happen?!
Did the Standard reporter bother to go to the source of the problem - to local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, whose government (unfortunately, for patients) is solely responsible for health care in the province, for a comment on the issue?

Did the reporter examine Liberal Bradley's long-running role in the issue of health care funding within an ideologically-motivated monopoly setting, which is controlled and funded by Ontario's Liberal majority government?
How can a "cash-strapped" hospital system exist under such tightly regulated circumstances? Aren't the Liberals the sole payers in their monopoly?

Why - surprise, surprise, there's no mention at all in this article of Good Ole Jimmy, or any other Ontario Liberal, for that matter!

No analysis of Dalton McGuinty's authoritarian Liberal policies which led to this "cash-strapped" health monopoly in the first place: no historical perspective provided, no list of questions - NOTHING whatsoever from the local press!!

It's as if Jim Bradley, miracle of miracles, had nothing at all to do with any of this!!
It's as if someone else - not the Liberals - is responsible for the underfunding!!
Van Dongen just doesn't dig deeper and give the sordid backstory on the issue.
Suddenly, just like that, the NHS becomes "cash strapped" - - -  all on its own!!
Yet, the fact that Ontario patients are banned by despotic Liberal law from arranging their own private health coverage (while Bradley's scumbag Liberal hypocrites fail to fund their own health care obligations) is somehow irrelevant, and beneath politically-correct discussion!!!!

Why bother questioning the local Liberal MPP, Jim Bradley - who is responsible for the health system BEING "cash-strapped"; who is responsible for the cancer surgery delays thrust upon the Feors!

What a St. Catharines double-standard.

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