Monday, June 29, 2009

Ed Schultz, ignorant lefty buffoon

This afternoon, Jun.29, I listened to American radio broadcaster and lefty windbag Ed Schultz on 1520 AM. Eddy was blabbering about having Democrats ask Republicans to go to Canada on a field trip to examine our health care system. Eddy urged them to go to Winnipeg, or Toronto, to experience our health care Utopia. Sure, they can visit Liberal Ontario, home of the 24 hr. emergency room wait!
Oh, while you're here, make sure you get some union tour guides wearing Tommy Douglas T-shirts to show you the sights (like the Soviet tours that George Bernard Shaw - Stalin's bootlick - got!! ("Hey - this is a beautiful country! No one's starving! Hunger? What? What famine... there's no stinkin' famine... just beautiful socialism!!)
This nutocrat buffoon’s ignorance seemingly knows no bounds, when he asks 'where are the health care protests?' - apparently he hasn’t heard of Quebec’s Chaoulli decision; and hasn’t the faintest #@* clue about the McCreith/Holmes health care challenge in Ontario. That's how we protest against socialist, state-run, single-payer health care monopolism - at the Supreme Court.
It’s apparent this Yank has never read what Dr. Ouellet, head of the Canadian Medical Association, has written about.
Hasn't this raging dork heard that even his own president, Democrat Obama, has said he does NOT favour Canada’s failing single-payer health care monopoly as a model template for the States?
This divisive demotard has no clue that many Canadians are forced to go TO THE STATES for treatment, because our health care monopoly can’t provide treatment when necessary: it’s all well and good to preach universality, Eddy, but, as it was stated in Quebec's Chaoulli court decision, access to a universal waiting list is not the same thing as access to health care.
It's a leftist Utopian fiction, a deceptive con.
Americans should take the time to carefully understand the implications of Quebec's Chaoulli court decision as it relates to the false premise of 'single-payer universality', especially when ignorant, regressive agitprop regarding Canada's health care spews from the pieholes of clowns like Ed Schultz.
It’s obvious Schultzy hasn’t read Froma Harrop’s writings on Canada’s health monopoly, or David Gratzer’s, for that matter.
Obviously, Schultzy couldn’t be bothered to read the health care horror stories, and appreciate the foreshadowing therein, found in Liberal Healthcare Duplicity. (see:
Schultz, foaming at the mouth about Big Pharma, doesn't seem to even know what a health monopoly is. Idiot-savant rhetorician Schultzy moronically asked ‘what’s wrong with the public option of socialized medicine?’ Leftards, get your terms and definitions straight – socialism does NOT give you an “option” – there is no "option" in a single payer monopoly. What "option" are you talking about!?! In Ontario, we have no choice in a single-payer monopoly. Do you not comprehend that?
Canada sends heart attack patients, women in labour, infants, cancer patients, burn victims, you name it…all kinds of patients, including emergency patients, are exported to the United States for medical care that our illusory health care system fails to provide here in Canada.
Canada is looking to hybrid parallel systems such as those in Europe, where publicly funded and privately-accessible health care co exist. That's your best choice.
Only a clueless partisan moron, a sicko Moore -ist , a Schultzopath, would believe that Canada's single-payer monopoly is any answer.

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R.Bobak said...

Not that Shultzy or Sicko Moore or Dukakais would care, but again, just several days ago, there was a vehicle rollover in Niagara, and no hospital was available in Ontario to take the severely injured patient, who had to be taken from Canada across the border to Buffalo, N.Y., to the Erie County Medical Centre, for treatment.
Nobody from Niagara's Liberal-besotted press has bothered to ask why there was no medical care available for this patient in Ontario's Liberal-monopoly-controlled health system!
Nobody from Niagara's Liberal-sycophant press asked MPP Jim Bradley, or MPP Kim Craitor, about why so many Ontario patients cannot obtain medical treatment in Ontario, and are exported to the United States for treatment.
Liberals such as McGuinty and Bradley constantly sneered with disdain at the American system, which nevertheless has always been there to help our patients, when the Liberal's expensive, single-payer medicare-nirvana in Ontario failed to do so.
I wonder when Liberal sh!ts such as Bradley and Craitor will publicly thank the Americans for helping so many of our Canadian patients, who were failed by Jim Bradley's and Kim Craitor's duplicitous Liberal healthcare ideology?