Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Incompetent Liberal Smitherman gambles with Ontario's energy future

Looks like Ontario's Liberal Minister of Disaster, George Smitherman, has cocked-up again, this time on his Liberal government's pledge on nuclear power. Smitherman now wants to slide the responsibility for his Liberal government's glib, unreasonable election promises (lies) onto the federal government! Why should the rest of Canada subsidize Smitherman's grandiose schemes? Daltion McGuinty and his Liberal government have been energy flickup's for years, simply lying their way through two terms of office. What a flicking disgrace.

Take a look just back to Oct. 31, 2008 (see: http://www.thestar.com/article/528385): less than a year ago Smitherman rejected a bid from the private sector to build a nuclear facility at Nanticoke, Ont., where the current coal plant, supposedly scheduled to be closed (!!) is also located.
Smitherman claimed then : "I remain singularly unconvinced that there is the capacity to build new nuclear at Nanticoke while we still have very ambitious plans for a new build at Darlington and tonnes of refurbishment work (at older nuclear facilities)," he said. "We couldn't do it if we wanted to."

Right, Smitty - so were you knowingly lying then, or has your ambitious reasoning (such that it is) changed - now that you AREN'T building the reactors you said you were going to?! Will you allow the Nanticoke plan to be developed?

From being a disaster as a health minister to this, many Ontarians singularly believe that Smitherman is a flicking dangerous Liberal cock-up!

The Toronto Star, Jun.30, 2009, wrote in "Ontario shelves costly nukes" (... as opposed to those inexpensive nukes, eh? Oh, to be a TorStar headline writer!):

"Ontario is backed into a fiscal corner with an $18.5 billion deficit and is hoping the fragility of the minority Conservative government in Ottawa will force the Harper government to be generous with the province."

Yep, even the Star sees it - Liberal Smitherman IS PLAYING POLITICS - GAMBLING - WITH ONTARIO'S ENERGY NEEDS!!

We shouldn't expect anything less from Dalton McGuinty's two-faced Liberal liars and incompetents, from green bolsheviks to 'Evironmental Saints', such as Jim Bradley.

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