Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Walter Duranty WIGUS Hall of Shame

Borys Sydoruk of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association wrote in "Ukrainian famine not 'alleged' ", (National Post, Jun.16, 2009):

"Re: Harper's Risky Foreign Habits, May 15.

By deploying the word "alleged" when referring to the genocidal nature of the Great Famine in Soviet Ukraine, this article displays partisanship. Since Raphael Lemkin, the man who coined the term "genocide," felt that the famine was genocidal, who cares what the ex-KGB men of the Kremlin think? Kudos to the government of Canada for standing on the side of truth despite the bleatings of the perpetrators' descendants."


Can you imagine the uproar if one were to say the nazi Holocaust was "alleged"? Or that Poland started WWII, because they didn't, well, "accommodate/acquiesce to" Hitler's plans?! When is Canada going to start deporting all the KGB, Cheka, GPU, Smersh and NKVD - ist Kremlinites who may still be enjoying their stay in Canada? Those still lusting for the good ole days of Soviet imperialist terrorism, still denying the Holodomor, even now, in 2009, should be nominated for the New York Times ignoble Walter Duranty WIGUS (willfully ignorant/utterly stupid) Hall of Shame.

(see :http://rightinniagara.blogspot.com/2007/10/gbshaw-walter-duranty-dupes-denied.html)

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