Friday, June 19, 2009

Time to criminally investigate the McGuinty Liberal's healthcare culpability

The St. Catharines Standard reported (in "Funding OK'd for extra paramedics", Jun.19, 2009) that Niagara Region will be paying to cover the additional expenses expected by the EMS in delivering patients to hospitals further away, now that the Liberals have forced the closure of two hospital ER's in Niagara.

Local taxpayers should not be responsible for funding failed Liberal health-care monopoly policies. Where did the billions of dollars from McGuinty's Liberal Health Tax go?

This is surreptitious downloading by the McGuinty-ites: typical Liberal health care duplicity.

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Of course, we're just now finding out about the latest fiasco occurring surreptitiously in McGuinty's Liberal health care monopoly, with the ongoing eHealth scandal, where Liberal-friendly cronies and insiders were given millions of dollars of untendered contracts.

Reporters such as Matthew Van Dongen claim that our health care system is being "short changed" (see also:, yet, at the same time, we see millions of dollars being simply given to Liberal buddies without scrutiny.

Wouldn't that money have helped Niagara 's EMS problem - a problem created by the Liberal-forced HIP plan? Wouldn't that money have helped patients, such as the Feors, who are suffering and trapped, without choice or recourse, on Liberal health care waiting lists?

The St. Catharines Standard (Jun.18, 2009) revealed in "McGuinty changes rules on consulting contracts" that former Liberal health minister George Smitherman had also given over a million dollars in untendered contracts to the same firm involved in the current eHealth scandal. This is the same slithery Smitherman who was claiming last year that hospitals were spending like drunken sailors; the same slimy Grit who -while enforcing a despotic single-payer, anti-patient-choice health monopoly - was also forcing LHIN's into unreasonable budget cuts.

St. Catharines Liberal health care monopolist MPP Jim Bradley ignorantly refused to call for any investigation into why the hospital in his own city of St. Catharines was found in 2007 to have the third-highest patient death rate in Canada. Bradley couldn't be bothered then, and still hasn't yet, given a public explanation for why this occurred on his watch. What, and why, was Jim Bradley hiding?

Well, we saw that, when further Liberal health scandals were revealed:

Jim Bradley refused to call in the ombudsman to investigate the deaths of hundreds of patients from C.dif infection, patients who were stuck in the Liberal's state-run, no-patient-choice health monopoly.

Jim Bradley refused to answer my letters asking him to explain why patients were dying in his Liberal-controlled and Liberal-underfunded state-monopoly.

Jim Bradley refused to call for any independent scrutiny into his government's health monopoly.

Jim Bradley refused to call for any independent oversight into his Liberal health care monopoly.

Jim Bradley refused to answer my questions about Ontario auditor Jim McCarter's previous reports, which lambasted the Liberal's serious health-care problems, and which all but predicted the current problems and scandals we're seeing.

A secretive Jim Bradley refused to discuss these matters, even while (unknown to the public at the time) his Liberals were already starting to implement their cosy eHealth scheme with their cronies!

Jim Bradley essentially ignored and refused to acknowledge the mounting evidence and concerns regarding the accumulating failures of his Liberal government's ideolgical and authoritarian health monopoly.

Jim Bradley refused to acknowledge or discuss his Liberal government's health policy failures, and Bradley, when he had the chance, refused to publicly call for transparency and oversight into his Liberal government's fiasco of a health monopoly - and notably, Bradley was playing the arrogant Liberal while his Liberals were forcing LHIN's across the province, including Niagara's, to cut back their budgets.

It is almost criminal that Liberals can get away with such unaccountable manipulation of their obligations, singing paeans to Tommy Douglas on one hand, while cutting and downloading health services and budgets on the other - and, all this while the Liberals astoundingly continue to perpetuate a false, duplicitous premise, a political deception, that single-payer medicare works!
These scandals just keep on coming, yet Smitherman wasn't fired; and Caplan wasn't either.

Liberals such as Jim Bradley, Dalton McGuinty, George Smitherman, and David Caplan, should be subject to criminal investigation into how their actions and policies - by enforcing an unreasonable health-care monopoly, devoid of oversight - have harmed, both physically and financially, patients in the province of Ontario. These Liberals should not be held harmless from the damage they are causing.

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