Saturday, June 20, 2009

Niagara Falls Then and Now: house razed at Ferry and Fallsview

Below: June 9, 2009 - looking east along the southside of Ferry St. towards Fallsview Blvd., in Niagara Falls Ont.
Above: same view, Jun.19, 2009; the old stuccoed-frame house has been demolished.
Below: Jun.10, 2009 - looking at the south-west corner of Fallsview Blvd. and Ferry St. in Niagara Falls, Ont.; a vacant former restaurant stands on the corner, with the old, cream-coloured stucco house seen at the right.
above: same view, old house at right was demolished on Jun.19, 2009.
below: Jun.10, 2009; closer view of house. It stood just east of the famous Capri Restaurant, a bit of which is seen at the far right.

Above: Jun.19, 2009 - same view, after house demolished.
Below: Jun.10, 2009 - looking at the site from the north-west. The Skylon is in the distance.

above: same view, Jun.19, 2009

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