Friday, June 26, 2009

McGuinty's Liberal health care terrorists

Joy Russell wrote in "Hospital fight far from over",(Niagara This Week, Jun.26, 2009:

"A week has passed , since we were presented with the concessions dealt to the Town of Fort Erie by the “slight of hands” Medicine Show” we know as the LHINs, and the NHS (yes - the old Medicine Show that fooled the public by selling them elixirs or tonics that would give them the “Magic” cure!).

Our Medicine Show does not go from Town to Town in a horse drawn wagon to con the inhabitants into believing their lies, it moves, instead like a cancer, eating away until it can be discovered, identified, and eradicated. Simply put, we continue to fight or we die! Not only individually, but as a town!

The only parts of the “deal” made by the LHINs, NHS and the Town of Fort Erie that will help us, is that we now have two years to rally our troops to defend our town and its population.

Our doctors can admit patients to six active beds and some services are retained. Rather like the narcotic effect the snake oils and old time elixirs gave to the wishful buyers at the Medicine show - lull them into believing.

We have learned from the Wild West Days and the settlers who were strong and brave enough to fight for our country and our rights. The Medicine Shows are still here but they are cloaked in different colours and disguises now, as shown by lavish settings, extremely high salaries and puppet helpers. They still prey on those they can fool but we can stand up to them, and we are.

The people of Fort Erie are a strong united force and we will not accept anything other than the return of our hospital that was built for the people by the people. We will not give in to the self-serving desires of our government and their appointed, not elected, committees.

We are being attacked by terrorists groups formed by our own government, in our own country, by the same people that we trusted and elected into power to work for us.

Don’t give up the fight and join our protest. The higher the numbers the louder the voice."


It's strange how the words "Liberal", or "Dalton McGuinty", or "Kim Craitor", or "Jim Bradley" don't even appear in this letter by Joy Russell!!

It's as if someone else - not McGuinty's gang of Ontario Liberals - who are the health care terrorists!

It's as if these 'terrorist health care groups' are somehow acting this way independently, all on their own!
It's as if these terrorists elect their own responsible boards, which are accountable to their members!

It's as if these health care terrorists make up their own rules, and are accountable to paying customers!

It's as if these health care terrorists are responding to market demand and customer/patient needs!

WTF, folks!? Oh boy, Joy!

Joy, is it too difficult to comprehend that only Dalton McGuinty's Liberal despots command, control, and fund these 'health care terrorist groups'; that McGuinty and Bradley and David Caplan and the rest of 'em are complicit in leading and directing them?

Stop blaming the LHIN and the NHS for doing what they were forced to do by McGuinty's duplicitous Liberal government.
The Liberals run a secretive, unaccountable health monopoly where patients - and administrators - have no choice but to submit to its statist, single-payer authoritarianism.

The "medicine show" concept Russell refers to is interesting; she is describing the same illusory/fictitious broken promises-scenario that I have detailed and described as "Liberal Healthcare Duplicity." (see: )

But it seems people affected by the Liberal cuts in healthcare are mostly whining about how they want MORE - not less - socialism in government.

That's the extent of their concern: many believed McGuinty's Liberal fearmongering lies about Harris; yet now these folks are shocked at how McGuinty's duplicitous Liberals have callously used the majority that was handed to them, as Vance Badawey found out.

{btw, who in the press will bother to ask Badawey - now that in 2015 he's angling to run for Turdeau's Liberals, how things went for Fort Erie and Port Colborne health care under the provincial Liberals?! It's disgusting that Badawey continues to shill for the same Liberal provincial and federal health care destroyers! This Liberal has learned nothing about what his own Liberals have done - pathetic, really.}

Few seem to understand that patients ought to have a choice in not participating at all in state-run medicare.
Joy Russell's letter is among many others which have this latent stench of socialism attached to their outrage at how their government-run, single-payer monopoly failed them. Yet, then they demand more of the same failed policies!

We must resist being lulled and being co-opted by McGuinty's poisonous Liberal single-payer snake-oil.

The way to get rid of Liberal scumbag health care terrorists is to take away their single-payer monopoly; to take away their free access to your health care dollars.

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