Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Focus must be on Liberal health care incompetence

So Ontario Health Minister David Caplan has fired eHealth boss Sarah Kramer (with a $300,000+ going-away package!) over untendered contract spending by her agency worth millions of tax dollars. But Caplan’s Liberal ass should also be booted out of office. And, this eHealth scam has been going on for some time now; this little turd was left over from George Smitherman's slithery tenure as former health minister. What's Smitherman got to say about it?Remember how loathe McGuinty's secretive Liberals were to avoid and prevent any scrutiny of what they were doing over in the Health ministry? What, pray tell, did the Liberals have to hide? Smitherman was shuffled out of the health ministry, but the stench he left behind still lingers.

Remember how self-righteous and on-cue-disdainful ole’ federalista Liberal Iggy Ignatieff gets over files which are left by minister’s aides: the minister should resign! The minister should be fired! Outrage! Blah..bla… When the federal deficit rises, Iggy goes ballistic: the minister should be fired!! The minister should resign!!

Blahh…blah..blaaah…but when provincial Grit Finance minister Dwight Duncan announced his own Ontario Liberals will also have their deficit unexpectedly increase by billions of dollars – no one gave a flicking shit! Ole Iggy didn’t pounce on Ole Dunko to resign! Iggy wants even MORE "stimulus" spending, more taxes, more debt! Remember how in opposition Liberal MPP Jim Bradley huffed and blustered, along with his friends in the press, about how Mike Harris was evil incarnate whenever some unionist at the hospital sneezed or had a gripe, which Bradley would turn into a holier-than-thou rant beyond all smugness? Yeah, Ole Jimmy’s Liberals have decidedly proven themselves to be far worse than any accusation that Bradley ever threw at Harris.

T. Marciniec wrote in "Our local rep is silent through the turmoil", (St. Catharines Standard, Jun.9, 2009):

"Premier Dalton McGuinty promised no tax increases -- then came the health tax. Now we await the HST as a further tax grab during this recession! When this tax is introduced, we have been promised tax breaks. Tax breaks for us with auto sector bailout debt? We wait with baited breath. Ontario sold surplus hydro power to factories and the United States at a reduced rate. Residential power users aren't getting any reduced rates. Instead, we pay a debt reduction charge on each of our hydro bills because of poor administration when the government owned Ontario Hydro.

The Smart Meter was introduced as a pretense of saving power and costs. We are supposed to believe this. The government mandated we must have the Smart Meter, but it can't mandate reducing our hydro rates when there is a surplus!

A version of eHealth existed, was disbanded and has again come to life. Some of the same people in the new eHealth were in the old version, and again allegations of over-paid executives and consultants and contract controversy are rampant, as before. Is this where our health tax is going to?

All this, and silence from St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley."

Certainly, Good Ole Jim Bradley ignored my previous letters, asking him to call in the ombudsman , and the auditor, for independent access to investigate his Liberal-run health monopoly. We now see that cabinet minister Jim Bradley had something to hide, and that Bradley is culpable of helping cover up for his Liberal health monopoly's failures - for years. Turn a blind eye, and refuse to answer questions: with a credo like that, and a fawning local press, why, no wonder Jimmy's been around since the Bee Gee's were still cranking out hits.

You see, when McGuinty’s Liberal health-care monopolists spend untendered millions of tax dollars in their state-run no-choice health-scare prison, you should simply trust ole Slicker McGinny and his co-conspirators when he says, as he inevitably will – WE’RE ONLY DOING THIS IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS, Folks!! Lookit, we’re spending your money because, well, let's face it... you can't be trusted to spend it yourselves. We Liberals know what's best for you, and so, Caplan is staying; Kramer is going.

Seriously – Caplan says he’s firing Kramer to “restore public confidence” in the eHealth agency – but really, public confidence would be better served if Caplan himself resigned. Who’s asking this question: “Mr. McGuinty, in order to restore public confidence in the publicly-funded health-monopoly which your ideological Liberal government imposes upon Ontarians, will you demand the resignation of the health minister responsible for this agency - David Caplan?”

Who’s asking how is it that Ontario Liberals are handing out such large amounts of tax cash without proper tender? Is this same cosy Liberal scam occurring in other parts of Caplan’s health ministry, or, for that matter, in other Liberal ministries? How can the public trust these Grits with their e-Stealth secrecy? Please note that Liberal Jim Bradley, when he had the chance to, over several years, refused to answer my letters asking him to call for increased transparency and independent oversight within his Liberal-run health monopoly - this as his government's eHealth scandal was, unknown to the public, unfolding. Shameful.

Incompetent, secretive Liberals – always hiding from accountability and scrutiny. Preventing and avoiding oversight by the Ombudsman, paying little attention to anything the provincial auditor might say; just fire the lackey; have the Grit politicians cover up the problem, and downplay it as no big deal. This Ontario Liberal-run health ministry is out of bloody control, and McGuinty’s Liberal stormtrooper monopolists will not even allow patients the choice to by-pass McGuinty’s state-made monopolist disaster, oh glory be thine, Tommy Douglas. You pay more, you get less; and when we find out the scams that are going on under the Liberal’s long, protruding noses, they just say ‘Hey: Trust us…everything’s OK’!!

Caplan’s ministry – as McGuinty himself has said – spends HALF of Ontario’s entire budget – and no one really has any oversight into what the flick these monopolists are up to. When hundreds die of c.dif infections in Dalton McGuinty’s hospitals - no criminal investigation is held. When St. Catharines is home to the hospital with the third highest patient mortality rate in Canada, local Liberal strongman Jim Bradley says NOTHING. No investigations held; no public explanations given, either by the Niagara Health System, by Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, by George Smitherman, David Caplan, or by McGuinty himself.

JUST DON'T ASK THESE LIBERAL FLICKERS ANY QUESTIONS, OK? As patients and taxpayers, be grateful for what they throw your way.

We saw newspaper reports on Jun 9, 2009, again, cancer wait times have not improved under McGuinty's tenure.

But what is the sexy issue that the press and pundits are chortling about? Why, it's about Lisa Raitt supposedly somehow disparaging cancer patients with remarks she made 5 months ago!!

And almost every press report insinuates that somehow Raitt said something evil about cancer patients, or the isotope issue, when categorically her comments were not about cancer patients at all. And as we've seen - this non-issue, mountain-out-of-a-molehill became sexy - because the press was attracted to it, gushing over some fictitious appearance of impropriety, yet ignoring the boring substance. CTV news (Jun.10, 2009) blustered about "outraged cancer patients" and how Raitt was somehow "advancing her political career". Liberal Carolyn Bennett babbled on about how Raitt was "absolutely incompetent and irresponsible" ('Really, Carolyn', someone should say, 'you're full of it yourself. Get flicking real, Madam. Your own pandering response was nauseatingly pathetic, almost as theatrical as Iggy's regular feigned outrages. Tiresome Liberal tripe.) Then there were letter writers, such as Deborah Kelly, or Sondra Rutman, or Walter Tedman, or V.Lauren, in the Jun.10, 2009 National Post, who seemingly also did not actually read or understand the context of Raitt's words - but were sufficiently somehow offended enough to write about their imagined slight. Truly unreal!

Really, these above people should read Christie Blatchford's column (" Nothing sexy in Raitt feeding frenzy ", (Globe and Mail, Jun.9, 2009) and get some perspective on the issue.

Now this morning (Jun.10, 2009), Raitt apologized for her comments (why?!) but that again isn't enough for some people. We all remember (or is the Liberal sycophant press doing its best to make us forget?) how Dalton McGuinty (smugly campaigning in a hospital lobby - yeah: talk about political ambitions!) simply walked away from a cancer patient during the last election, after the patient told McGuinty that his Liberals were not doing enough for patients.

Remember that, folks? Dirt bag McGuinty, the leader of this Ontario Flicking Liberal party, walks away from the man, essentially making out the patient to be a liar. Some quack hack with McGuinty even went so far as to insinuate that the patient might be depressed, making his opinion unworthy of McGuinty's time. (see also

No one cared about that, did they? Where was health-care monopolist Carolyn Bennett and her bag of Grit rhetoric then, as a Liberal was actually being irresponsible, when faced with an actual cancer patient?

We don't really concern ourselves too much when a Liberal leader walks away from a cancer patient who questions his duplicitous policies; or when hundreds die of c.dif in the Liberal health monopoly, and no independent investigation is held; or when the St. Catharines hospital is found to have the third highest death rate in Canada, yet Liberal Jim Bradley, to this day, refuses to provide an official explanation; or when wait times continue to increase, while Liberal buffoons mismanage our outrageous taxes.

But somehow with Raitt, the Liberals and their hangers-on have found a new scapegoat, a convenient red-herring to divert our attention from the criminal Liberal incompetence actually taking place in Dalton McGuinty's health-care monopoly, right now, as we speak.

Don't be fooled by Liberal healthcare duplicity.

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