Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where on earth is Liberal MPP Jim Bradley?

It's strange how Marlene Bergsma writes her St.Catharines Standard report ("St.Catharines joins call for NHS hospitals investigation", Aug.4, 2010) yet fails to mention any response from Jim Bradley, the Liberal MPP in her newspaper's city!
Yep, it's almost as if Jim Bradley - the anti-patient-choice, monopoly-pushin', health-care-cuttin' Grit hypocrite, who loves to blame either Ralph Klein or Mike Harris for everything, including 'global-warming' - has nothing at all to do with any of this!!
Who'd of thought that the St.Catharines Standard would not bother to include Liberal Jim Bradley's comments (or lack thereof!) in a report where the city is questioning the efficacy of his and McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopoly's performance, and, is demanding an "investigation"? Certainly not me!
Funny, eh!? Jim Bradley ISN'T mentioned at all!!
The socialists are attacking Jim Bradley's supposedly-great Liberal single-payer health-monopoly-monstrosity, and yet, The Standard can't find Good Ole Jimmy for a response or comment!!!
But the good folks at the Standard were able to send Grant LaFleche on a mini-vacation to Eganville [environmental footprint and eco damage to the planet of said useless trip: NOT mentioned! maybe the GreenTeamsters will write a full-feature on that?] to try to dig up some kinda dirt on Bishop Wingle, publishing a story about it on July 31, 2010, with a gigantic "Where on earth is Bishop Wingle?" headline - yet, the Standard has never bothered to publish their story "Where on earth is Liberal MPP Jim Bradley?" !!
Jim Bradley now can just PHONE IN HIS PATHETIC RESPONSES (if he feels like it, that is...) and leave his unchallenged Liberal rhetoric on the Standard's answering machine - and well, that's good enough for the Jim Bradley Fanclub!
Why, the St.Catharines Standard still has not bothered to publish what Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's specific reaction and comments were to Dr. Jack Kitts' report (see here) regarding the NHS's 'HIP' plan - FROM OCT. 2008 !!!!!!

[...see here, where I wrote back on Nov.2, 2008:

"Why isn’t local St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley explaining why his Liberals are underfunding their health monopoly – right in Niagara? Is anyone even asking him? A vaporous Bradley has nothing to say about anything … why, Jimmy’s busy banning cellphone use in cars while merely phoning-in his own duties as St. Catharines MPP!
(A story in the Oct.30, 2008 St. Catharines Standard, "Rifts remain over NHS plan", read : "St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley, who
previously declined to comment on the NHS plan until Kitts delivered his report, said he did not want to comment Wednesday. "I still have to read the full report
, and then the LHIN has to make a decision on it," he said. "As much as possible, I think politics should be kept out of this."
Bradley now wants 'to keep politics out of health-care'??!
Is he for FLICKING real?
This from the FLICKING Liberal partisan who for years earned his living constantly posturing and blustering about health-care, spewing his monopolist rhetoric and his Liberal health-care duplicity far and wide? The gall of this smarmy hypocrite to now pretend and plead that somehow "politics should be kept out of this"... when "this" is ALL ABOUT politics: failing, duplicitous Liberal politics which Bradley conveniently now wants us overlook.
Hypocrite, thy name is Jim Bradley."]

The Standard didn't bother to pursue their local golden boy Jim for specific answers then, and they haven't bothered to do so now: nothing from local Liberal health-monopoly-pushing strongman Bradley whatsoever. (...maybe Bergsma could have now asked Jimmy if he's read the report yet - two years later...!!)
Bradley's initial reaction to the 2008 Kitts HIP report is completely intertwined with, and, completely relevant to Bergsma's story of today, Aug.4, 2010 - yet we don't even know what secretive Ole Jimmy thought about the Kitts HIP report back then, let alone what Jimmy is thinking about the calls to investigate the fallout of that very same HIP report now!!
These calls to 'investigate the NHS' are another indictment of the McGuinty - Bradley - George Smitherman Liberal-monopolist-health-care cock-up; another example of Liberal Healthcare Duplicity.
Let's not forget, a secretive Liberal Jim Bradley refused to call for Ontario's ombudsman to investigate why hundreds of patients were dying of c. difficile infection in McGuinty's health-care monopoly.
A secretive Liberal Jim Bradley also refused to call for any investigation into why the NHS (Niagara Health System) had the third-highest patient death-rate in Canada, as was revealed in a 2007 CIHI study.
A smug Liberal Jim Bradley could care less about having anyone examine his Liberal government's despotic single-payer health-care dictatorship.
And the St.Catharines Standard has treated Liberal MPP Jim Bradley with kid gloves and protected Jimmy's Liberal ass for years.

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