Tuesday, August 10, 2010

McGuinty's Liberals knowingly allowed LHIN secrecy to continue for a year

Tanya Talaga noted in "Marin report blasts 'illegal' talks on closing Niagara ERs" (Toronto Star, Aug.10, 2010) that:

"The Ontario Health ministry only reacted to Marin’s findings – which he said he told the government about one year ago – on Monday morning. “And yesterday, a full year after it received the preliminary draft of my report, the ministry ordered all LHINs to rescind their illegal bylaws and stop holding closed ‘education’ meetings,” Marin said."

Now, we all remember McGuinty's recent slimeball smear campaign against the ombudsman, and, we know that Marin's report was supposed to have been released early in 2010, yet was mysteriously delayed until today.

Now we find out that McGuinty's Liberals KNEW of the contents of Marin's preliminary draft report a full year ago according to Marin - YET DID NOTHING TO STOP their pet-LHIN's illegal secret meetings until Aug.9, 2010!!!!!

When will the St.Catharines Standard be asking secretive St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, aka Mr. Transparency, for an explanation?

Oh, what's that..? Jimmy's busy with other priorities?? ohhh... yes, we understand...

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