Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Questioning Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's unsustainable health monopoly

Further to my previous post, here's another health-care column, "Sounding the alarm on medicare" (by Brett J. Skinner and Mark Rovere, National Post, Aug.17, 2010) which secretive Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley will hide from commenting upon.

Certainly, our local newspaper, the St.Catharines Standard - which has been gladly and faithfully performing the Hindlick Manoeuvre on their Golden Liberal Prince, Jim Bradley, for decades - won't bother Jimmy about this bothersome idea which questions the validity and the efficacy of the Liberals' health monopoly.

What reaction does St.Catharines' local health-care-monopoly-enforcing-thug, Liberal MPP Jim 'I hate doctors' Bradley, have in response to Skinner and Rovere's view that:

"The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) recently published a paper about the worrisome condition of Canada’s health-care system. Its report concluded that the growth in government spending on health care is unsustainable, and that medicare is failing to provide adequate access to high-quality medical goods and services. The CMA’s conclusions are supported by the facts. Yet a glaring omission in the CMA report was the lack of discussion about the root causes. We suspect that everyone knows what the real problem is, though few seem to have the courage to say it out loud. So let’s cut the nonsense and just say it: Canada’s health system failures are caused by the government’s monopoly over medical insurance, the centrally planned allocation of medical goods and services, and the lack of consumer exposure to the cost of using health care.
The core issue driving the medicare crisis is that the growth in government health spending is unsustainable. According to the most recently available Statistics Canada data, government spending on health care grew at an average annual rate of 7.4% across all provinces over the period from 1999-2000 to 2008-2009. Meanwhile, total available provincial revenue (from all sources, including federal transfers) grew at an annual rate of 6.5% and the annual growth in the economy was 6.4%." ?

What does Jim Bradley have to say to the idea that:

"Ultimately Canada should look to the Netherlands and Switzerland, two countries that have taken market-oriented health reforms even further. The Dutch and Swiss have universal coverage without government delivery of health insurance. Both countries combine a universal mandate to purchase private health insurance with public subsidies for low-income people so that all can afford to obtain coverage.

Economic reality favours market-oriented reforms. The interests of Canadian patients and taxpayers are harmed by the stubborn maintenance of the status quo. We have other options and the consequences of doing nothing are increasingly serious".

The St.Catharines Standard still hasn't reported Jim Bradley's reaction to the Kitts HIP report - from two years ago, let alone Jimmy's reaction to ombudsman Andre Marin's critical report, released Aug.10, 2010, detailing the Liberal-created LHIN's culture of secrecy. And no word from the Standard on what Jim Bradley's reaction was to the recent CMA report, either!

Far be it for the St.Catharines Standard to even dare question Golden Jimmy about his massively failing Liberal health-care monopoly!! Yet, health-care monopolist Jim Bradley is the poster-boy of the stubborn Liberal, who blithely harms both patients and taxpayers with his ideological enforcement of the single-payer status-quo!!!!!

Nobody really knows what slick Grit greaseball Jim Bradley thinks anymore. (see here)

And the St.Catharines Standard is doing its ass-lickety best to keep it that way.

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